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Teaching Licensure

Students who plan to teach in K-12 schools are encouraged to obtain licensure in two languages or one language plus another subject, especially to facilitate student teaching placement.

Those interested in teaching are also urged to consider opportunities for teaching English abroad.

Program Requirements

Prospective teachers must take WL 440 Special Methods in the Teaching of Foreign Languages prior to student teaching. Students should convey their intention to teach as soon as possible to the Chair and must be admitted to the secondary education program in the Department of Education.

Candidates for licensure as foreign language teachers must demonstrate speaking and listening competency showing that they are able to:

  • Narrate and describe in paragraph length past, present and future time consistently
  • Get into, through and out of unforeseen situations
  • Converse in a clearly participatory fashion and be understood by a native speaker

Upon completion of their course of studies, students will demonstrate these listening and speaking skills through an oral interview with faculty or similarly qualified examiner.

Candidates must pass the appropriate content area test and the oral proficiency interview (ACTFL) prior to admission to the student teaching seminar. Non-native speakers should take the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) as soon as possible as an early assessment tool. Students planning to teach world languages should meet with advisors in both the education and world language, literatures and cultures departments.

Here’s how to schedule your OPI test:

  • Ask a faculty member in the Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures to proctor you.
  • Go to Language Testing International’s website.
  • Navigate to the “FIND YOUR INSTITUTION” page.
  • Click the box that says “I can’t find my institution or I’m an independent candidate.”
  • Continue as indicated on the web page.

Find additional information on the OPI on Language Testing International’s website.

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