Licensure in Secondary Science Education

As a science teacher at the middle (grades 5-8) or high school (grades 9-12) level, you’ll be in great demand—and you’ll make a lasting difference. Teaching is a great way to combine your interest in biology with a passion for influencing the next generation.

Students should convey their intentions to teach as soon as possible to their advisor. Students who declare a double major in Biology and Secondary Science Education are eligible for the Elmhurst Noyce STEM Teachers Scholarship Program.


Chemistry students should complete the Secondary Teacher Application. See the Director of Teacher Education Admission, William Slodki, for further information about application requirements.

Education Requirements

As a Biology major or minor at Elmhurst, you can earn a license to teach science at the middle school level, or biology and AP biology at the high school level by completing a specified course sequence in biology and broadfield science courses (biology, chemistry, physics, and earth space science).

  • EDU 104 Cultural Foundations of Education in the United States
  • SEC 100 Introductory Seminar to Teaching as a Caring Profession (.25 credit) 
  • SEC 300 Intermediate Seminar for Teaching in Diverse and Inclusive Schools (.25 credit) 
  • SEC 223 Education of PK–12 Learners with Exceptionalities
  • SEC 311 Educational Psychology
  • SEC 310 Methods and Best Practices in Middle and Secondary Education
  • TEL 317 Teaching English Language Learners
  • SEC 360 The Middle School: History, Philosophy, Organizational Structures and Best Practices (J-Term and Spring)
  • SEC 421 Theory and Practice for Developing Academic Literacies in K-12 Classrooms
  • SEC 450 Advanced Seminar in Teacher Collaboration and Professional Practice (.25 credit)
  • SEC 440 Methods for teaching middle and secondary school science (Fall Term only)
  • SEC 455 Student Teaching in Secondary and Middle School

Students must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program in the Department of Education. Students should keep in close contact with both biology and education departments to complete the requirements for the major and teacher licensure.

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