Elmhurst Noyce STEM Teacher
Scholarship Program

Share the Joys of STEM as a Teacher

Elmhurst University is a recipient of a National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program grant. The project title is “Promoting Inclusiveness and Diversity in STEM Education (PRIDE).”

Students can apply for PRIDE STEM teacher education scholarships prior to their third year in a college or university.

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We also invite students, families, and school and institution partners to join in our effort to develop a new generation of STEM professionals.

Join Us for a STEM-Tastic Teaching Showcase

We are excited to offer our latest professional learning event for all educators.

STEM-Tastic Teaching Showcase
Saturday, April 22, 2023, 8:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Elmhurst University Campus

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Genius Presenter: Glen Lid, Award-Winning Chemistry Educator

Chemistry teacher Glen Lid performing a demonstration for students watching behind him.Mr. Glen Lid has received the Illinois Science Teachers Award in Excellence, 1993; Disney High School Secondary Teacher of the Year, 2004; the Davidson Award from the Chemical Industry Council of Illinois in 2007; Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction in 2007; and the presidential award in math and science in Illinois 2009. He has been inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame in 2012, the Illinois high school Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame in 2014, and the Illinois Wrestling Coaches and Official Hall of Fame in 2016.

Mr. Lid will be presenting two sessions at the STEM-Tastic Teaching Showcase on highly engaging, culturally relevant best practices in chemistry education for intermediate and high school teachers.

Community College Partners

The project will endeavor to strengthen existing transfer relationships with three area community colleges: Triton, Harper and College of DuPage. Degree maps have been created for all three partners that clearly identify pathways to STEM and Teacher Education degrees.

School Partners

The PRIDE project seeks to ensure that all teachers understand and respect the unique cultural backgrounds of their students and that all students are empowered to succeed within the STEM fields. We are partnering with Fenton School District 100 and Leyden School District 212 to provide teacher professional development that orients participants in the use of culturally relevant pedagogy.

Summer STEM Academy 2022: ‘Math Connections’

Hosted by Elmhurst University and featuring our outstanding faculty, the Summer STEM Academy engages upper high school and community college transfer students in college-level math courses, science workshops and dialogue with guest speakers. Courses may be taken for college credit.

  • Summer 2021: Change the World with STEM
  • Summer 2020: STEM Connections: The Spread of Infectious Disease
  • Summer 2019: STEM in the World Around Us


Principal Investigator

Theresa Robinson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education; Director of the Noyce PRIDE STEM Teacher Scholars Program; Program Director of Secondary Education
Department of Education

Co-Principal Investigators

Debbie Cosgrove, Ph.D.

Co-Principal Investigator, Noyce PRIDE STEM Teacher Scholars Program
Department of Education

Colleen Munro-Leighton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

More STEM Opportunities at Elmhurst

The Promoting Inclusiveness and Diversity in STEM Education (PRIDE) Grant is supported by the National Science Foundation through Award Number 2151078. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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