Mission and Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

Mathematics is the art of creative problem solving, the science of pattern and structure, and the quantitative language of the world. Consequently, it touches all academic disciplines. Based on this, the mathematics department assists mathematics and actuarial science majors in acquiring a sufficiently deep understanding of mathematics and its descriptive power to be prepared to participate in an increasingly quantitative world and succeed in their careers. They are prepared with the needed problem-solving skills and analytical tools to independently and creatively solve wide-ranging complex problems, understand the interconnections between various mathematical structures, and assimilate new concepts rapidly in a constantly changing environment.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program in mathematics and actuarial science, students can:

  1. Apply fundamental concepts, solve problems, and write proofs in various mathematical environments.
  2. Solve problems independently and in groups.
  3. Synthesize and communicate theoretical and/or applied mathematical information using appropriate resources.

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