Special Program Features

An Elmhurst mathematics education is much more than teachers and classrooms.

We know that well-rounded scholars need varied environments to stimulate their minds and put what they learn into practice. That’s why the Department of Mathematics provides its students with a comprehensive program of study that extends well outside the classroom.

Senior Papers

Working closely with Elmhurst University mathematics faculty, you will complete a research-based senior paper involving real problems and projects.

Recent senior papers have included such diverse topics as:

  • A statistical analysis of student achievement scores in Illinois counties
  • Using a pulsing force to compensate for the damping of a pendulum
  • Niven numbers in the Fibonacci base system
  • The Kelly Criterion as an investment strategy
  • A probabilistic study and computer simulation of Euchre strategies

Many of our students present their papers at local seminars and national mathematics conferences, gaining valuable experience and exposure to the mathematics community.

Seminar Series

The department hosts a series of weekly mathematics seminars during the academic year. These seminars introduce you not only to the world of research mathematics, but also to the research and interests of visitors from other colleges, universities, and business organizations.

Recent topics have included:

  • Math and Biology in My Life
  • Linear Algebra and Terrorist Threats: Finding Relationships in Large Sets of Text
  • Recent Developments Towards Bio-inspired Self-healing Materials (given by an alumnus)

These seminars are great opportunities for you to enhance your classroom experiences, meet faculty and fellow students, and learn about the wide-ranging applicability of mathematics in the world.

Student Organizations

Elmhurst University has an active mathematics and computer science club, a student chapter of the Mathematics Association of America, and an on-campus chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, a National Mathematics Honorary Society. The Department also participates in ACCA, the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area. These organizations offer a wide range of activities; for example, you can participate in local and national conferences, attend seminars, and interact with working professionals, providing valuable connections and learning experience—long before you graduate.


With prized professional skills, many Elmhurst mathematics majors jump-start their careers before graduation by taking advantage of supervised internship opportunities. These internships serve as an entrée into professional life and often lead to full-time employment in desirable positions. Another plus: you’ll receive college credit for your work. Recent internships have been in the financial securities area, computer programming, and logistics.

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