Minors in Mathematics

Minor in Elementary School Mathematics Education

The minor in elementary school mathematics education requires a minimum of 4.50 course credits in mathematics.

Required Courses

  • MTH 132 Precalculus
    or MTH 151 Calculus I or MTH 152 Calculus II
  • MTH 325 Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Teachers I
  • MTH 326 Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Teachers II (.50 credit)
    or MTH 331 Foundations of Geometry
  • MTH 345 Elementary Statistics
    or MTH 346 Statistics for Scientists
  • Additional mathematics courses to meet the requirement of 4.50 course credits in mathematics

The minor is only available to early childhood, elementary or special education program students. This minor does not lead to a state endorsement in mathematics education.

Interested students should identify themselves to both the Department of Education and the Department of Mathematics and confer periodically with advisors in both departments.

Courses in mathematics and other quantitative areas are supported in part by the activities of the mathematics specialist in the Learning Center. Students who have not studied mathematics in the recent past and who are planning to take mathematics courses should refresh their knowledge of basic skills through the programs offered in the Learning Center.

Minor in Mathematics

  • MTH 251 Calculus III
  • Two other major-level mathematics courses

MTH 325/326/327 and MTH 345 may not be used as part of the minor.

The chair of the mathematics department must approve the selection of courses.

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