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The Elmhurst University Interfaith/Interreligious Chaplaincy supports students of all faiths and no faiths in their spiritual and religious development.

No matter your background, you’ll find a warm welcome at the Chaplain’s office. We offer a wide range of programs and services to help you examine your own values and explore other faith traditions.

  • Worship opportunities on and off campus range from weekly services and Bible study sessions to Passover Seders and Ramadan celebrations.
  • Spiritual guidance and pastoral counseling provide support in times of personal crisis or growth. Our co-chaplains represent a wide range of religious traditions.
  • Student religious groups include the Spiritual Life Council, the Muslim Students Association, the Catholic Students Association and more.
  • Partnerships with national and international organizations like the United Church of Christ, the Interfaith Youth Core and the Parliament of the World’s Religions keep us engaged in the broader spiritual conversation.

We’d love to tell you more about how the Chaplaincy can support you in your spiritual journey. Contact our office or our co-chaplains to get started.

The Newman Center

The Newman Center for Catholic ministry celebrates our ongoing work to build a home for all Catholics at Elmhurst University.

The Newman Center works to assist students in exploring service opportunities locally, nationally and internationally with groups like the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and other catholic organizations. We have an especially close relationship with Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago with English Professor Mary Kay Mulvaney.

Learn More About The Newman Center

The Chaplaincy is established for all students so that religion and learning may go hand in hand, and character grow with knowledge.

H. Scott Matheney, University Chaplain


Chaplain’s Office

First Floor of Niebuhr Hall
(Opposite side of Health Services)


Chaplain’s Residence

255 W. Elm Park Ave.
(South of Schick Hall)

Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel

West end of the University Mall

Chaplaincy Staff

Rev. H. Scott Matheney

Inamul Haq
Muslim Chaplain

Beau Surratt
University Organist

Rabbi Steven Bob
Jewish Chaplain

Rabbi Andrea Cosnowsky
Associate Jewish Chaplain

Fr. Tom Paul
Roman Catholic Chaplain

Rev. Dr. Joseph Richardson Sr.
Honorary Athletic Chaplain

Nancy Ali
Muslim Co-Chaplain

Mother Shireen Baker
Episcopal Co-Chaplain

Chaplain Curt Baxter
Elmhurst Hospital Chaplain

Rev. Stan Davis
Interfaith Advisor

Rev. Anna Ernst
Lutheran Co-Chaplain

Rev. Ronald Feltman
Lutheran Co-Chaplain

Rev. Fr. Andrew G. Georganas
Greek Orthodox Co-Chaplain

Kalli Hill

Rev. Joseph Johnson
United Methodist Co-Chaplain

Rev. Sarah Lohrbach, 09
LGBTQIA+ Advisor

Martha Mendoza
Hispanic/Latinx Minister

Rev. Dr. Jorge Morales
Hispanic/Latinx Minister

Azam Nizamuddin, Esq.
Interfaith Advisor

Rev. Traci Smith
Presbyterian Co-Chaplain

Dr. A. Andrew Das
Athletes in Action

Dr. John Jeffrey

Dr. Avraham Baranes
Hillel Jewish Life

Dr. Cheri Carrico
Roman Catholic Advisor

Dr. Phillip Riordan
Roman Catholic Advisor

Peggy Scheu
Roman Catholic Advisor

Dr. Soni Simpson
Unitarian Universalist

  • Above and Beyond
  • Alpha Omega
  • Athletes in Action
  • Bluejay Catholic Ministry
  • Cru
  • Every Nation Campus
  • Hillel
  • Muslim Students Association (MSA)
  • Spiritual Life Council (SLC)

Ben Robins, ’24
Student-Led Organization

None at this time.

Rev. H. Scott Matheney

Office of the Chaplain

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