Pre-Law Advising

If you’re considering law school, we encourage you to connect with a pre-law advisor early in your career at Elmhurst College. Your pre-law advisor will guide you through every step of the law school application process, from researching schools to completing your applications.

Freshman / Sophomore Year

Register as a pre-law student with the advising office as early as possible. The advising office will assign you a pre-law advisor, and then you should schedule an appointment with that advisor.

At your first appointment, make sure you’re enrolled on the College’s Blackboard website. This is also a good time to talk to your pre-law advisor about:

  • Choosing a major and/or minor (generally, law schools have no preference)
  • Courses that may help with the LSAT or law school
  • Exploring legal internships or relevant extra-curriculars (e.g. Mock Trial)
  • The timeline for law school applications


In your junior year, you should make an appointment with the upperclassman pre-law advisor, Katrina Sifferd, to learn more about the various options for law school and legal specialization. She’ll also talk to you about planning for the LSAT, preparing your law school application, requesting recommendation letters and writing personal statements.


As a senior, you should meet with Dr. Sifferd early in the fall. She’ll help you proofread your personal statement, track down recommendation letters and finalize a list of law schools to apply to, given your GPA and LSAT score. To maximize your chances, you should complete your applications between the end of October and the middle of November.

You may meet with Dr. Sifferd again in the spring for assistance in choosing a school once you find out where you’ve been accepted.

Erica Ashauer

Director, Pre-Professional Advising, Health Professions Advising
Russell G. Weigand Center for Professional Excellence

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