CPE Dedicated to Helping Every Bluejay Succeed

August 1, 2018 | by the Office of Marketing and Communications

At the Russell G. Weigand Center for Professional Excellence (CPE), you’ll find dedicated support for your career goals.

In addition to job listings, networking opportunities and interview tips, you can get feedback on your LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter. Recent grads and seasoned professionals are equally welcome.

“We know that in your career, things change as time goes on. We’re a place you can go to that will continue to support you,” said Martin Gahbauer, the new executive director of the CPE. “If you’re in a transition from one position to another, looking for guidance and support, there’s somebody you can rely on.”

“The Center supports the overall College’s mission—for students to reach their full potential,” said Gahbauer. “The great thing about our Center is that we serve not only students, but alumni,” he said. “Even after students leave, we offer them services to help them continue furthering their careers.”

The CPE offers guidance and advice from a professional career advisor who is dedicated to alumni, who can provide feedback on career materials, cover letters and resumes. The CPE also manages EC Connect, an online job portal that not only lists openings on campus, but jobs at companies who are seeking Elmhurst grads.

Advising through the CPE can be done via phone, email or on-campus appointment. Alumni can get interviewing advice or guidance on how to best seek a position—or even how best to position themselves on LinkedIn.

“It’s unique that our Center does provide those services for alumni at no cost,” said Gahbauer, noting that many colleges and universities charge for post-graduation career services. “We’re here to help support our students and when they become alums, whatever help they might need, they can always feel free to come back and utilize us for career support. That’s what we’re here for.”

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