About H. Richard Niebuhr

A leading theologian of the 20th century, H. Richard Niebuhr was best known for his work in Christian ethics and American religious history.

After graduating from Elmhurst, H. Richard Niebuhr 1912 continued his studies at Eden Theological Seminary in Missouri and at Yale Divinity School. He was ordained a minister in the Evangelical Synod of North America in 1916.

Niebuhr taught at Eden, served as president of the University from 1924 to 1927, and taught theology and Christian ethics at Yale.

In his scholarship, Niebuhr emphasized the need for believers to integrate their faith into their daily lives. In books such as Christ and Culture (1951), he explored ways in which Christian principles have shaped American culture. He also warned the faithful not to be overwhelmed by the influence of secular society.

Selected Works

  • The Kingdom of God in America (1937)
  • The Meaning of Revelation (1941)
  • The Purpose of the Church and Its Ministry (1954)

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