2028 Strategic Plan

Just as the 2021 Strategic Plan positioned Elmhurst University to experience success, the 2028 Strategic Plan will ensure the University thrives and is well-positioned to navigate the shifting landscape of higher education.


The pillars represent the foundation upon which we build and sustain our transformative educational experience.”

– President Troy D. VanAken

Guided by our mission, vision and values, we pursue strategic priorities within each pillar theme that move us toward our overall goal of excellence as an institution. An increasingly diverse, competitive and ever-changing higher education landscape calls us to embrace both tradition and transformation as we meet the needs of those we serve. Each pillar’s strategic priorities guide the key initiatives and actions that, if accomplished, will allow us to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.

Importantly, none of these pillars exists on its own. The University relies on all the pillars – and the interdependence of these pillars – in its pursuit of excellence. We will prioritize interconnectedness as we make decisions and invest resources in our future.

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