Student Experience

Elmhurst University is committed to student success inside and outside the classroom, in a community that welcomes and includes all. We offer an impactful, enriching experience that promotes lifelong engagement with the University.

Strategic Priorities

Foster a sense of belonging on campus while creating a lifelong connection to the University through an array of resources, activities and program offerings

We believe in developing a welcoming community that embraces diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging. Opportunities for improvement include safety in speech and diverse thought, more accessible services, and a commitment to ensuring that policies, procedures and programs promote a sense of belonging.

Improve retention of students throughout their graduation journey

We believe that we must continually strive to improve first- to second-year retention rates and the retention rates of our transfer and returning students, particularly the sophomore to junior year. We will pursue initiatives to address the retention of specific student groups (e.g., first-generation students, students of color, etc.), and we will develop strategies to enhance students’ academic, social and cultural integration in the University.

Strengthen mental health and well-being services in support of our students

We believe that students can succeed when they have access to resources that meet their needs. To that end, we will expand resources and partnerships to enhance our mental health services, and we will explore other services that can assist with specific student groups (e.g., athletes, first-generation students, students of color, international students, veterans, etc.).

Expand breadth of services that contribute to our students’ success

We believe that we are called to educate and support the whole student. We will explore on- and off-campus resources for our students in myriad areas including career education, family support and services, financial literacy, legal services, food and housing insecurities, and wellness.

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