Diversity, Inclusion and Responsible Citizenship

Elmhurst University embraces its rich history and affiliation with the United Church of Christ and the Niebuhrs’ strong commitment to social justice and nurturing an ever-widening circle for the common good; and to creating a foundation for our graduates to contribute to a global society that demands inclusion, accountability and service to an interdependent global community.

Our history will continue to be shaped by our commitment to educate, empower and foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging for new generations from both near and far. By striving to remove systemic barriers, we increase access to opportunities and equal outcomes for all, and inspire our alumni to be leaders in their professions, communities and in global citizenry.

Strategic Priorities

Attract and retain diverse and inclusive students, faculty and staff

We believe our future demands creating a community where equity, inclusion and a culture of belonging are foundational to our success. We will be intentional in creating systems of accountability in our recruitment, retention and advancement of underrepresented populations in our faculty, staff and student body.

Execute the goals stated in the Title V grant

We believe that higher education transforms lives and lessens the barriers to greater opportunities and social mobility. We are committed to the successful implementation and execution of La Promesa Azul (The Blue Promise), elevating our commitments to serve members of our Latino community, as well as our growing first-generation and low-income student body.

Embed global citizenship and community engagement

We believe in the interconnectedness of our University and the greater global world. We will be more intentional in building equitable and inclusive partnerships with local, regional, national and international organizations that enhance and strengthen our students’ academic, professional and co-curricular growth and learning.

Enhance and support continuous education and training

We believe that education, professional development and the acquisition of new knowledge is a lifelong process that builds better outcomes. We pledge to create, promote, support and require training and professional development opportunities that strengthen a culture of regulatory compliance, diversity of thought and ideas, equity and inclusion in the workplace, and a greater sense of belonging for everyone in the Elmhurst University community

Deepen alumni engagement

We believe our rich history and continued legacy of success are inevitably tied to the success of our diverse past, present and future alumni. We will strengthen the outreach and engagement of alumni to bring greater meaning to their Bluejay experience, thereby expanding the philanthropic, professional and vocational network and support for our current students.

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