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Diversity, Inclusion and Responsible Citizenship

Elmhurst University’s diversity and United Church of Christ heritage strengthen and enlighten the campus, while influencing our commitments and actions in the world. We recognize our legacy of engaging others in an ever-widening circle in service to the common good, as envisioned by H. Richard Niebuhr and Reinhold Niebuhr. We value the opportunities for local, regional, national and international experiences that are available to our students, faculty, staff and alumni; and, we affirm our collective responsibility to foster an inclusive culture of service and philanthropy.

  1. Encourage members of our community to learn from each other in an intellectual, respectful, self-reflective environment that encourages free expression and debate.
  2. Increase the number of students who participate in a service, study or work experience in the city of Chicago and surrounding areas.
  3. Increase the number of campus and community members who contribute to campus and community-focused diversity initiatives, both on and off campus.
  4. Increase the number of curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students to engage in regional, national and international Service-Learning experiences.
  5. Develop opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to work together as volunteers in community organizations.
  6. Continue to support rich religious and interfaith experiences for our college community.

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