Financial Stewardship

Elmhurst University’s financial resources provide the means for students to reach their full potential and enable the institution to sustain long-term health and vitality. Our financial stewardship practices focus on pursuing strong enrollments, cultivation of relationships that lead to ongoing philanthropic support, continual enhancement of our reputation and image, full engagement of our people, effective management of existing resources, increased operational efficiencies, and strategic investment in promising opportunities.

Strategic Priorities

Prioritize strategies and resources to maximize enrollments

We believe enrollment and retention will continue to be our primary driver of revenue, fueling our growth, innovations and ambitions as an institution. In an increasingly competitive admissions landscape, we will continue to seek new and innovative ways to remain competitive in the higher education market, with a particular emphasis on graduate and international student recruitment.

Enhance, build, and sustain relationships with alumni and friends

We believe our external relationships foster philanthropic support, bolster our endowment and programs, and build reputational awareness to attract and grow revenue and resources to support students. We will pursue initiatives to expand these relationships and deepen alumni connections.

Expand philanthropic partnerships

We believe that a university thrives philanthropically when it actively pursues and maintains mutually beneficial partnerships with civic, nonprofit and business partners. We will expand the number of partnerships we have that lead to increased philanthropy to the University

Manage finances effectively

We believe that discerning and productive management of our financial resources supports student success, professional development and institutional growth. We will improve financial processes and accountability to promote sound fiscal management and long-term institutional vitality.

Remain efficient, nimble, and adaptable in our operations

We believe financially healthy and successful institutions adapt to changing internal and external forces. We will continually evaluate and adjust systems, policies, physical resources and processes to benefit students and employees in the short and long term.

Invest internal and external funds wisely

We believe that effective management of the endowment and other monetary resources positions Elmhurst University to build upon current strengths, withstand future challenges, capitalize on promising opportunities and ensure intergenerational stability. We will continue to adjust investments to accomplish these ends.

Communicate the value of an Elmhurst University education

We believe that our institutional brand reinforces our image and public recognition. We will clarify and amplify our brand to grow and diversify our student body, community impact and philanthropic support.

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