Workplace Environment

We recognize that the success of Elmhurst University is built upon the hard work and commitment of our people. We aspire to be a workplace of choice that attracts, develops and retains a diverse and inclusive community where faculty and staff create life-enhancing experiences for our students and serve as ambassadors for our community.

Strategic Priorities

Embrace an ever-widening circle

We believe a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment nurtures a stronger sense of purpose for our staff and faculty, allowing them to thrive in their responsibilities and create a longer-term vision for their future at Elmhurst University. We will strive to create policies and procedures that reflect our commitment to welcome, recruit, retain and value all team members.

Build a mission-driven workforce

We believe our faculty and staff members play an integral role in shaping successful student outcomes because they find meaning and purpose in their work. We will prioritize alignment of employees’ work responsibilities with their unique gifts and talents, allowing them to realize their full potential and opportunity for growth in support of the mission.

Invest in the future of Elmhurst University

We believe that professionally developed and properly equipped faculty and staff are a university’s most important asset. We will provide access to learning opportunities and health and well-being services that build capability, competence and confidence, creating an environment of continuous growth and career development in an ever-changing work environment.

Foster a culture of gratitude and belonging

We believe the extent to which individuals feel both valued and appreciated has a profound impact on the quality of their work and their sense of belonging. We will assess current approaches for recognizing faculty and staff and deepen our understanding of what makes them feel respected and supported. We will seek to ensure our compensation and benefits plans for faculty and staff are competitive and equitable.

Strengthen a culture of transparency, communication and collaboration

We believe healthy workplace cultures have cohesive teams that have access to information and are invited to engage in open and respectful dialogue to achieve positive outcomes. We will intentionally seek to equip teams with the necessary tools to work effectively together and across the University.

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