Workplace Environment

Elmhurst College strives to be a workplace of choice – a diverse and inclusive community where the faculty and staff act innovatively to provide the best experience for our students. The College hires, retains and rewards the best people, recognizing that the effectiveness of our institution depends overwhelmingly on their efforts and ability.

  1. Identify professional development opportunities for our employees; and, design and implement programs that encourage faculty, staff and administrators to advance their careers.
  2. Use peer institution and industry standards to identify benchmarks for compensation and benefits for our faculty and staff; and, develop and implement a plan for achieving those benchmarks.
  3. Use survey data and best practices in higher education to develop initiatives and hiring practices that improve faculty, staff and administrator diversity and inclusion at Elmhurst College.
  4. Develop a faculty and staff communication plan in order to solicit feedback that measures employee engagement and promotes shared governance.

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