Medical Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory scientists play an important role in detecting and diagnosing a number of diseases.

Working with pathologists or other scientists, these highly skilled professionals perform a wide range of laboratory tests and analyze the findings. Most medical laboratory scientists work in hospital laboratories; others work in clinics, health agencies, research facilities, and pharmaceutical facilities.

Yes. Students need to complete professional/clinical education as part of an MLS program to work in the field. Elmhurst College has affiliations with Hines VA Hospital and NorthShore University HealthSystem for their MLS programs to assist students with completing their clinical education. Students must apply to these MLS affiliate programs as they are not guaranteed admission programs; even if a student has been admitted to Elmhurst College.

The Hines program requires applicants to be a U.S. citizen to be eligible. If accepted, students spend three years on site at Elmhurst College majoring in biology and take their final phase of coursework and clinical training on-site at Hines or NorthShore (11 months) earning a degree from Elmhurst College after successful completion of the program (approximately four years total). Courses completed in the MLS program count toward the requirements to graduate with a major in biology. Graduates of one of these programs are eligible to take certifying examinations offered by the ASCP Board of Certification or any other approved certifying agency. However, graduation is not contingent upon certification.

Students have the option to graduate from Elmhurst and then apply to these MLS programs as well. Timelines to apply and complete either program may vary from this information for transfer students, and transfer credit should be discussed with an advisor. All interested students should contact health professions advising to learn more about how to apply and eligibility requirements.

Tuition for those accepted into the Hines affiliation is based on current Elmhurst College rates and fees for both the coursework at Elmhurst and at Hines. There are additional costs for books which may vary from year to year ($0-$500). Hines VA Hospital is located at 5000 South 5th Avenue, Hines, IL 60141-3030. Please visit the Hines website for more details.

Tuition for those accepted into the NorthShore affiliation is based on the current Elmhurst College rates and fees for both the coursework at Elmhurst and at NorthShore. If the tuition at NorthShore surpasses that of Elmhurst, students may need to pay the difference. Additional costs for books and other fees may also apply.

The NorthShore MLS program is offered at Evanston Hospital at 2650 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201. Please visit the NorthShore website for more details.

To apply for the affiliation, students must be biology majors. However, students applying separate of the affiliation can major in any discipline taking care to complete the appropriate prerequisite courses.

Students who are accepted into one of these programs must complete the Elmhurst College Integrated Curriculum and biology major requirements at Elmhurst College. The following courses are required for the MLS program and may fall under the biology major or graduation requirements.

  • Biology: four courses for the major including microbiology (BIO 321) and immunology (BIO 341) and for Hines specifically, some physiology which may be included in a general course
  • Chemistry: four courses including some organic and/or biochemistry
  • Math: one course of college-level math
  • Statistics and physics are recommended

Students must speak with an advisor to learn about recommended courses and the specific details about the prerequisites for the Hines and NorthShore affiliations.

You will meet the health professions advisor to discuss your specific academic and professional interests. Your advisor will work with you throughout your Elmhurst career, clearing obstacles and giving expert guidance.

After successfully completing an MLS program, students are eligible to write one or more national registry examinations.

Any student interested in applying for the program is responsible for learning about all the requirements. Admission to Elmhurst College does not guarantee acceptance into a program affiliation.

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