Major in Health Science Technology

Prepare for a dynamic career in pharmacy, nuclear medicine technology, radiation therapy and more.

Designed for students who plan to pursue additional training in a specialized area of health care, the health science technology major offers an excellent pathway to a variety of careers.

Offered in collaboration with several affiliated hospitals and schools, the major allows you to earn both a bachelor of science degree and a certification or degree in:

The Path to a Major in Health Science Technology

Here’s how the major works:

  • Complete three years of coursework at Elmhurst (four years for the optometry affiliation).
  • Apply to one of our affiliate institutions and complete your coursework there (if accepted).
  • Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in health science technology from Elmhurst University and a certificate or degree from the affiliated institution.

Admission to affiliate tracks is not guaranteed. If you are not accepted to an affiliate track, you may complete additional courses at Elmhurst to earn a bachelor’s degree. These additional courses would include two upper-level biology courses, two upper-level chemistry courses, and any general credits needed to meet graduation requirements.

Affiliated Partners and Tracks

Accepted students to any affiliate partner will need to successfully complete all general education requirements, the HST core and the HST capstone prior to beginning at the partner institution. A minimum of 24 credits must be earned prior to matriculating to an affiliate partner, unless graduation from Elmhurst University is required prior to matriculation for a particular track. Prerequisite courses beyond the HST major may be necessary for a particular track and should be discussed with a faculty advisor and the health professions advisor. Students who are accepted and successfully complete a track at an affiliate partner will earn a bachelor’s degree in HST from Elmhurst and be eligible to sit for certifying or licensure examinations for that field assuming all requirements are met at the partner institution.

  • Chiropractic Medicine: National University of Health Sciences
  • Chiropractic Medicine: Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography: Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology: Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Pharmacy: Roosevelt University, College of Pharmacy
  • Radiation Therapy: Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Respiratory Care: Rush University

All affiliate partners and requirements are subject to change.

To learn more about the affiliated tracks, contact Erica Ashauer, director of pre-professional advising.

Health Science Technology Major Requirements

The coursework requirements for this major were established in collaboration with hospitals and other institutions that have agreements with Elmhurst University.

Core HST Courses


  • BIO 200 General Biology I
  • BIO 201 General Biology II
  • BIO 315 Genetics
  • BIO 430 Principles of Anatomy
  • BIO 442 Principles of Physiology
  • HST 400 Scientific Terminology
  • HST 498 Senior Capstone
  • CHM 211 Chemical Principles I
  • CHM 212 Chemical Principles II
  • CHM 311 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM 312 Organic Chemistry II
  • PHY 111 Introductory Physics I
  • PHY 112 Introductory Physics II
  • MTH 132 Precalculus
  • MTH 345 Elementary Statistics
  • CS 111 Introduction to Software Applications and Digital Technology or
    CS 220 Computer Science I
  • COM 213 Public Speaking


(Requires acceptance to the program.)

  • DMS 301 Fundamentals of Sonography

  • DMS 302 Management and Methods of Patient Care

  • DMS 303 Cellular Pathophysiology

  • DMS 304 Sectional Anatomy For the Sonographer

  • DMS 305 Abdomen Sonography

  • DMS 306 OB-GYN Sonography

  • DMS 307 Clinical Education I

  • DMS 308 Ultrasound Physics I

  • DMS 309 OB-GYN Pathology

  • DMS 310 Abdomen Pathology

  • DMS 311 Clinical Education II

  • DMS 312 Ultrasound Physics II

  • DMS 313 Image Critique

  • DMS 314 Clinical Education III

  • DMS 315 Introduction to Pediatrics and Vascular Imaging

  • DMS 316 Specialty Sonography

  • DMS 317 Clinical Education IV

  • DMS 318 Registry Review

See course descriptions

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Affiliate

(Requires acceptance to the program.)

  • NMT 390/401 Clinical Nuclear Medicine Procedures I and II
  • NMT 391 Radionuclide Chemistry and Radiopharmacy
  • NMT 392 Radiation Biology
  • NMT 393 Clinical Correlation – Pathology
  • NMT 394/400 Diagnostic Nuclear Imaging Practicum I and II
  • NMT 395 Radiation Safety and Protection
  • NMT 396 Radiation Detection and Instrumentation
  • NMT 397 Computed Tomography and Cross-Sectional Anatomy
  • NMT 398/402 Management & Methods of Patient Care I and II
  • NMT 399 Radiation Physics & Instrumentation
  • NMT 403 Medical Terminology

See course descriptions

(Requires acceptance to the program.)

  • RT 328 Medical Terminology
  • RT 329 Introduction to Clinical Education
  • RT 330 Introduction to Radiation Therapy
  • RT 331 Principles and Practice of Radiation Therapy I
  • RT 332 Pathology
  • RT 333 Radiation Therapy Physics I
  • RT 334 Introduction to Radiologic Technology
  • RT 335 Medical Imagining and Processing
  • RT 336 Patient Care
  • RT 337 Radiation Safety
  • RT 338 Principles and Practice II & III
  • RT 339 Technical Radiation Therapy I
  • RT 340 Radiation Therapy Physics II
  • RT 343 Clinical Practicum II
  • RT 344 Technical Radiation Therapy II
  • RT 345 Radiation Biology
  • RT 346 Clinical Practicum I
  • RT 347 Clinical Practicum III
  • RT 348 Registry Review Seminar
  • RT 349 Advanced Imaging in Radiation Therapy
  • RT 350 Quality Assurance and Healthcare Operations

See course descriptions

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