The Integrated Curriculum

In today’s complicated world, a meaningful future requires more than a job-specific set of skills.

No matter what career you intend to pursue, you’ll need to communicate clearly, solve complex problems and take a broad view of the world around you. That’s why Elmhurst University incorporates a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences.

A Broad Foundation

Along with your major requirements, all undergraduate students complete the Elmhurst Integrated Curriculum, a comprehensive set of general education courses that introduce you to new subjects and perspectives. Some of your Integrated Curriculum courses, including the capstone, are embedded in the course of study for your major.

How Does the Integrated Curriculum Work?

  • First-year students begin with two required courses: a writing course and a first-year seminar on an interdisciplinary topic.
    • The first-year seminar requirement is waived for transfer students.
  • Next, you’ll demonstrate, through coursework or testing, proficiencies in writing, mathematics, and world language.
  • Afterward, you’ll work with your adviser to fulfill upper-level Integrated Curriculum requirements within your major.
  • You’ll also meet an experiential learning requirement, which is an opportunity for students to apply classroom learning off-campus.
    • This requirement is waived for adult and military students.
  • Finally, you’ll complete an integrated senior capstone experience in your major that brings everything together. You might conduct an independent research project or immerse yourself in creative work. Whatever you choose, a faculty advisor will be there to help.

In addition to the developmental experiences above, you’ll take courses in a broad range of topics including:

Prospective Transfer Students

Use the Office of Admission’s transfer credit evaluation to identify Integrated Curriculum requirements you’ve met in transfer coursework and requirements that are still outstanding. Contact your admission counselor if you have any questions.

Current Students

Use your degree audit to stay on track. Some students find the advising worksheet helpful as well. Contact your faculty advisor if you have any questions.

Download the Integrated Curriculum Worksheet

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