Major in Biomedical Science

The major in Biomedical Science provides an opportunity for all students interested in a career in the health professions such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, physician assistant, and beyond to have a curriculum specific to their needs in order to be a competitive applicant for professional school.

The major in biomedical science requires a course of study that includes classes in biological science, physical science and mathematics. The program will provide broad training and enough flexibility in upper-level biology electives so that students can also tailor their program to their specific interests within the medical field.

Major Requirements

Biomedical science majors must complete courses in the Biology Core and the Biomedical Science Core, as well as a final supporting course for the program.  The Biomedical Science Core requires students to complete four biology courses at the 300/400 level, including one elective course. Required and elective biology courses must fulfill all five categories listed below (note that each course counts for more than one category; see Biology Major description for course listings in each category):

  • Evolution
  • Information Flow
  • Structure/Function
  • Systems
  • Transformation of Energy and Matter

Please note, biomedical science students are not eligible to count two terms of Independent Research (BIO 492 or BIO 495) as a single upper-level elective.

Biology Core (required)

  • BIO 200 General Biology I
  • BIO 201 General Biology II
  • BIO 315 Genetics
  • BIO 498 Capstone Seminar
  • CHM 211 Principles of Chemistry I
  • CHM 212 Principles of Chemistry II
  • CHM 311 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM 312 Organic Chemistry II
  • MTH 132 Elementary Functions or MTH151 Calculus I
  • MTH345 Elementary Statistics or MTH346 Statistics for Scientists or PSY 355 Statistics for Scientific Research

Biomedical Science Core (required)

  • BIO 321 General Microbiology
  • BIO 430 Principles of Anatomy
  • BIO 442 Principles of Physiology
  • 300/400-level biology elective
  • CHM 314 Introduction to Biochemistry
  • PHY 111 Elementary Physics I or PHY 121 General Physics I
  • PHY 112 Elementary Physics II or PHY 122 General Physics II

All students must earn a minimum grade of C- and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00 across all courses that are required for the major in order to successfully complete the degree.

Biomedical science students are allowed to repeat any major-required course taken at Elmhurst University in which they received a grade of D, F, P, NP, W or Audit no more than one time for each course.

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