Research and Internships

As a biology student at Elmhurst, you’ll benefit from a high degree of individual attention from world-class scholars, combined with exciting opportunities not usually found at an intimate liberal arts institution.

Research Projects

Students at Elmhurst gain valuable experience in the field with hands-on research opportunities that are seldom available to undergraduates at larger institutions. Interested students choose a research project and work under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Recent Examples

  • Research with Dr. Bennett on the evolution of mussels
  • Research with Dr. Guenther on the ontogeny and biomechanics of the postcranial skeleton of hadrosaur dinosaurs
  • Research with Dr. Mellgren on Pseudomonas transporters in plants
  • Research with Dr. Marsh on thermophillic methanogens and reduction of heavy metals
  • Research with Dr. Mineo on the evolution of phenotypic plasticity in ectotherms by examining seasonal adjustments in metabolism
  • Research with Dr. Raimondi on the molecular mechanisms of tumor progression

Elmhurst students also are involved in summer laboratory research programs at nearby institutions such as Loyola University Medical School.

Internships and Mentoring

Elmhurst offers plenty of opportunities to gather real-world knowledge of your chosen field through career-oriented internships and mentoring opportunities.

Recent Examples

  • As a pre-med student, you might spend two weeks shadowing a highly regarded surgeon in San Francisco, himself an Elmhurst alumnus.
  • You might spend a week at the National Center for Ethics in New York, learning about and discussing issues related to the health-care field and ethics.
  • Many other students work with local laboratory researchers, health-care professionals, fish and wildlife professionals, and even zookeepers to learn and experience the satisfaction of their target careers.

You might shadow a research biologist, work part time at a veterinary clinic, or meet periodically with a surgeon over the course of a semester. These and other opportunities help you get the feel of what the future might hold.

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