First Leap

There is still time to join! Take advantage of this great opportunity to get ahead in your search!

Our First Leap Program is scheduled for May 21–24, 2024. The program is an opportunity for first-year students to gain an early start to career exploration by either job shadowing or conducting informational interviews with professionals working already in their field of choice or interest. They will also have the privilege to hear from several guest speakers regarding important career-related topics that will enhance their career search. Please read more about how to sign up today below.

To sign up: Schedule your first appointment (called “First Leap: Initial Session”) with the help of the WCPE.

The program is competitive and all of the 25-30 students admitted are first interviewed to ensure they are a good fit and committed to the four-day agenda. We hold First Leap at the conclusion of the academic year in May. The first and last days are spent in the classroom, while the other days are in the field and meeting with industry professionals.

  • The classroom portion involves interactive exercises and guest speakers, which engages students in the career preparation and exploration process. We cover core values, marketing yourself, and networking. We also prepare the students for their workplace visits, covering proper dress, etiquette, professional expectations, and helping students develop a list of questions.
  • Often a student will have the opportunity to visit more than one site, particularly if they are interested in a broad field such as marketing, business administration or nonprofits.
  • On the last day, students share their experiences and early reflections on the career exploration process. Staff and faculty members preview some of the career preparation steps useful during sophomore year.

Julie Nosal ’03, M.A.

Director, Career Education; Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
Department of Psychology

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