Housing Costs

Living on campus is a great way to immerse yourself in college life—and it’s cost-effective, too.

The 2022-2023 costs listed below cover room charges and utilities. Students living in residence halls and apartments are also charged a $100 residential technology fee per term. Students in houses are responsible for the installation and costs associated with internet access and cable service.

Dining plan charges are billed separately. If you are living in a residence hall, you will need to choose a dining plan. An apartment dining plan is optional for students living in houses and apartments.

2022-2023 Residence Hall Housing Costs

Air-Conditioned Residence Halls
(Cureton, Stanger, West)
Room TypeFall TermSpring TermTotal
Single Room$4,952$4,952$9,904
Non-Air-Conditioned Residence Halls
(Dinkmeyer, Niebuhr, Schick)
Room TypeFall TermSpring TermTotal
Single Room$4,702$4,702$9,404

2022-2023 Prospect Apartments, Elm Park Apartments and Campus Houses Costs

On campus; available to undergraduate students, with junior and senior priority.

Room TypeFall TermSpring TermTotal
Single Room$5,549$5,549$11,098

2022-2023 Summer and January Term* Housing

TermSingle RoomDouble RoomApt/House SingleApt/House Double
Per Week$359$242$359$319

Summer housing is available for students enrolled in classes or authorized internships. The application for summer housing closes on May 9. Please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life for more information.

*Students are only charged the above amount for January Term if they are not already living on campus in both the Fall and Spring terms.

Office of Housing and Residence Life

West Hall, South Entrance

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