Residence Life FAQs

Questions about residence life? Here are answers to the questions we hear most often. If you don’t see your question listed, contact us.

Residence Life Questions

The earlier you start, the more likely you are to get your first choice. First-year students are guaranteed a space in campus housing if we receive your application before May 1.

We will welcome your application and will try to accommodate your request.

After you’ve submitted your housing application, log on to the My Elmhurst Campus Portal and go to MyHousing. Send a request to your potential roommate using the menus at the top of the page. Both roommates must request each other and accept each other’s roommate requests.

Have your doctor send a letter on office letterhead to Residence Life prior to June 1. You can drop this off in our office or email us.

Cureton Hall is accessible on all floors and is available for students of any class year. Schick Hall is accessible on the lower level and is available for male students of any class year. West Hall is accessible on all floors and is available for upper division students.

Room assignments are announced starting on May 1. You can find your assignment at the MyHousing page on the My Elmhurst Campus Portal. Information about moving in will be posted in early summer.

Bring what you need to feel comfortable and at home on campus. Check our packing list for suggestions.

Yes, we encourage you to insure your personal property as the College cannot assume responsibility for loss. If you live with your family, you may be covered by your family’s home insurance policy. Another source is National Student Services (NSS), a company that is independent from Elmhurst College.

Cureton, Niebuhr, Schick, Stanger and the lower level of Dinkmeyer Hall have gender-specific community bathrooms, one on each wing or floor. Each shower is enclosed with a curtain. Dinkmeyer Hall (except the lower level) has a suite-style arrangement, with two rooms sharing a connecting bathroom/shower. West Hall has 1.5 bathrooms per suite. Campus apartments have one bathroom per apartment, and campus houses contain one or two bathrooms.

Every residence hall room on campus includes:

  • Extra-long twin bed
  • Desk
  • Desk shelf w/light & tackboard
  • Desk chair
  • Book shelf
  • Dresser
  • Blinds
  • Built-in closets or a wardrobe

For details about specific buildings, go to Housing Options.

Yes! Our furniture uses a pin-and-hole design that makes the furniture very easy to rearrange. You don’t even need special tools—all you need are pins (available from your RA or HR) to hold the furniture together when it is stacked.

If you’re living in residence halls or campus apartments, you’ll have free cable and internet service.

If you’re living in a campus house, you’re responsible for your own cable and internet, and you won’t be charged a resident technology fee. Special rates are available for our students by contacting Beth Eggert of Comcast at (630) 689-7571 or Roxanne Monreal of AT&T at (630) 267-3484.

Cureton, Stanger and West Halls are air conditioned. Cureton and West Halls also have elevators.

You won’t be able to see a specific hall or room, but most of our regular campus tours include stops in at least one residence hall.

Every residence hall and apartment building has its own laundry facilities. There is no charge for laundry.

Room changes can be made throughout the year. Please contact your RA for more details.

We provide housing for graduate students, but family housing is not available.

The housing deposit is nonrefundable. To cancel your housing request, send us an email notification by Aug. 21.

For cancellation requests after Aug. 21 (Fall Term) or Dec. 15 (January or Spring Term), you must formally request a release from the housing contract.

Once you have formally withdrawn from the College, our office will be notified.

Questions about Dining Plans

Your dining plan will be loaded onto your student ID, or Jaypass, which will then act as a debit card would. Swipe your Jaypass when buying food in any of the Chartwells venues on campus, and the amount will be deducted from your account.

Any unused portion of the dining plan will carry over from the Fall to the Spring Term. If there is a balance at the end of the academic year, the balance is not refunded.

You can add funds at the Office of Student Financial Services. Be sure not to add too many points, because you’ll lose any unused points at the end of the academic year.

You can change your dining plan only during specific time periods. To change your plan, log into the My Elmhurst Campus Portal, choose MyHousing and MyDining and follow the directions.

Yes. Dining plans are optional for apartment and house residents, but mandatory for students in residence halls.

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