Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research real-world problems, explore the physical world and prepare for an exciting career in industry, teaching, research, government, business and beyond.

As a chemistry or biochemistry major at Elmhurst, you’ll use research-grade instrumentation and build the practical skills of a scientist. Classes are small—with as few as 10 students—so your professors will get to know you one on one.

Work Like a Real Scientist

All chemistry and biochemistry majors collaborate with faculty on research—solving real problems, presenting at conferences and even getting publication credit. Recent projects have included:

  • Finding pollutants in run-off water from parking lots
  • Novel methods of synthesizing medicinally relevant organic compounds
  • Finding ways to trap CO2
  • Determining the relationship between the sequence and structure of antibodies
  • Making novel molecules to discover their biological activity

Get Ready for a Great Future

Internships at places like Abbott Laboratories, Argonne National Laboratory and McCrone Associates give you experience and connections. Our four-semester seminar sequence offers career tips and builds your oral communication skills and information literacy. Wherever you want to go in chemistry, we’ll help you get there.

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