Major in Chemistry with Industry Concentration

Are you drawn to both chemistry and the business world? Do you love science and want to excel quickly in your career?

The U.S. chemical industry has sales of more than $700 billion annually, and employment opportunities abound in and out of the lab. These include jobs in chemical manufacturing, sales, consulting, product development, R&D, quality control, testing, marketing and regulatory affairs, just to name a few.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offer a unique degree: a B.S. in Chemistry with Industry Concentration. This degree program is designed to produce scientists who move directly into jobs in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and quickly move into leadership roles.

In this program, you will receive extensive hands-on training in chemical instrumentation and gain valuable research experience sought after by employers. You will further develop your professional skills through our seminar program and internship requirements.

You will also receive significant training in finance and accounting, allowing for direct entry into our MBA program.

Earn Your B.S. and MBA in a Combined Five Years

The B.S. in Chemistry with Industry Concentration is a “4 + 1” program at Elmhurst. Students apply to the MBA program during their junior or senior year and work with the MBA program director to design a pathway meeting their career goals. The MBA takes 13 months of full-time study following completion of the B.S. in Chemistry.

Major Requirements

Core Curriculum

  • CHM 220 Advanced Chemical Principles or
    CHM 211, 212 (or equivalent) Chemical Principles I and II
  • CHM 221 Analytical Chemistry
  • CHM 311, 312 Organic Chemistry I and II
  • CHM 412 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
  • CHM 413 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Statistical Mechanics
  • CHM 494 Independent Research (.50 credit)
  • CHM 496, 499 Chemistry Research Seminar I and II (.25 credit each)
  • CHM 497, 498 Chemistry Literature Seminar I and II (.25 credit each)
  • MTH 151, 152 Calculus I and II
  • PHY 121, 122 General Physics I and II

Additional Requirements

  • CHM 420 Chemical Instrumentation 1: Chromatographic and Spectroscopic Techniques (.75 credit)
  • CHM 421 Chemical Instrumentation 2: Electrochemical and Molecular Spectral Analysis Techniques (.50 credit)
  • CHM 468 Chemistry Internship (.50 credit)
  • BUS 261 Financial Accounting
  • BUS 262 Management Accounting
  • BUS 340 Business Finance

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