Major in Chemistry with ACS Approval

This major course of study includes advanced courses that are excellent preparation for graduate school due to its large breadth of required chemistry courses.

The department is approved by the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training, and this track reflects that approval.

The major in chemistry with ACS approval is an excellent choice for students with a strong affinity for mathematics or physics. Classes from these disciplines can be used as electives to complete the major.

Students following this major will participate in research with a faculty member, and gain valuable presentation and writing skills through the department’s seminar series.

Major Requirements

Core Curriculum

  • CHM 220 Advanced Chemical Principles or
    CHM 211, 212 (or equivalent) Chemical Principles I and II
  • CHM 221 Analytical Chemistry
  • CHM 311, 312 Organic Chemistry I and II
  • CHM 412 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
  • CHM 413 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Statistical Mechanics
  • CHM 494 Independent Research (.50 credit)
  • CHM 496, 499 Chemistry Research Seminar I and II (.25 credit each)
  • CHM 497, 498 Chemistry Literature Seminar I and II (.25 credit each)
  • MTH 151, 152 Calculus I and II
  • PHY 121, 122 General Physics I and II

Additional Course Requirements

  • CHM 315 Introduction to Biochemistry
  • CHM 420 Chemical Instrumentation 1: Chromatographic and Spectroscopic Techniques (.75 credit)
  • CHM 421 Chemical Instrumentation 2: Electrochemical and Molecular Spectral Analysis Techniques (.50 credit)
  • CHM 432 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
  • Two courses from the following:
    • CHM 313 Polymer Chemistry
    • CHM 316 Intermediate Biochemistry
    • CHM 414 Topics in Advanced Organic Chemistry
    • CHM 460 Advanced Topics in Chemistry
    • Any advanced physics course with MTH 152 Calculus II prerequisite
    • Any advanced math course with MTH 152 Calculus II prerequisite

Recommended Courses

  • MTH 341 Differential Equations
  • PHL 305 Philosophy of Science
  • Participation in January Term field experience, an internship, or co-op (Argonne) is encouraged during junior and senior years.

Chemistry courses with a minimum grade of C and taken within the last 10 years may be transferred into the department.

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