Graduate Learning Outcomes

  • Synthesize liberal education and nursing knowledge within a systems framework for advanced nursing roles;
  • Utilize critical thinking and decision-making skills for optimal individual and population outcomes in advanced nursing roles;
  • Demonstrate professional values and standards in ethical practice with individuals and populations and to advance the profession of nursing;
  • Implement evidence-based practice in advanced nursing roles with diverse populations;
  • Demonstrate accountability and professional development for informed, reflective practice in advanced nursing roles;
  • Analyze the organization, policy and financing of systems and their effect on individuals and populations for optimal outcomes;
  • Utilize effective communication, inter- and intra-disciplinary collaborative skills and information technologies in advanced nursing roles;
  • Demonstrate leadership within systems to plan change and promote quality outcomes for individuals and populations.

Becky Hulett, DNP, R.N., CNL

Program Director, M.S. in Nursing; Program Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice; Associate Professor, Nursing and Public Health
Department of Nursing and Public Health

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