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Douglas Giles

Douglas Giles

Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Douglas Giles holds a Ph.D. in social and political philosophy from the University of Essex, UK, an M.A. in continental philosophy, and an M.A. in religious studies.

In his academic research in social and political philosophy, Douglas uses a phenomenological approach to better understand social injustices and people’s responses to them. He applies recognition theory as the key to understanding personhood, identity, injustice, social conflict, and social justice. His most recent book on recognition theory is Rethinking Misrecognition and Struggles for Recognition: Critical Theory Beyond Honneth (2020). Previous publications include “Uncovering Neglected Emerging Lived Religious Pluralisms” (in Emergent Religious Pluralisms [Palgrave Studies in Lived Religion and Societal Challenges], 2019), “What Hegel Missed About Recognition” (in Internationale Hegel-Gesellschaft e.V., 2019), “A Multidimensional View of Misrecognition” (in Ethics, Politics, & Society – A Journal in Moral and Political Philosophy, 2018), “Extending Honneth’s Shift in Focus for Critical Theory” (in Hybris, 2016), and “Locke and the Dao De Jing,” (in Morality and Spirituality in the Contemporary World, 2012).

Douglas has taught philosophy at Elmhurst since 2007, except for a break to study and teach in England. He enjoys introducing students to philosophical ideas and thinkers they haven’t been given the opportunity to experience.

His new textbook in Intro to Philosophy, The Quest for Understanding, will be released in August of 2021 by Kendall Hunt publishing.

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