Federica Bando

Federica Bando, Elmhurst University

Federica Bando, MAT

Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Ms. Bando has been a member of the World Language Department at Elmhurst College since 2006. Since then, she has developed and taught a variety of Spanish courses including one for native speakers, Japanese courses for anime enthusiasts, a teaching methodology course, and a couple of linguistics courses. She collaborated in the design of a Multi-language major, and a minor in Language and Education Studies. In addition, she has led study abroad programs to Spain, Costa Rica, and England, and will be taking students to Argentina in 2018.

Ms Bando has also designed and oversees the Language Lab program, and a student-led foreign language newspaper called El Arrendajo Azul. She is currently the lower division coordinator for Spanish, and is working on redesigning the first and second year Spanish curriculum under a proficiency model.

Born and raised in Argentina of Japanese parents, Ms. Bando is tri-lingual in Spanish, Japanese, and English. She is interested in second language acquisition, heritage language maintenance, and pedagogy.

  • University of Utah, Languages and Literature, MAT with TESOL certificate
  • University of Utah, Spanish, Bachelor of Arts with Japanese Minor
  • Instituto Superior de Formación Docente, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Elementary Teacher Education
  • SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I
  • SPN 102 Elementary Spanish II
  • SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPN 301 Advanced Spanish I
  • SPN 302 Advanced Spanish II
  • SPN 307 Spanish for Native Speakers I
  • SPN 308 Spanish for Native Speakers II
  • SPN 321 Introduction to Spanish Sociolinguistics
  • SPN 322 Spanish Pragmatics
  • JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I
  • JPN 102 Elementary Japanese II
  • JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I
  • JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II
  • ESL Preliterate to Intermediate levels
  • WL 440 Foreign Language Teaching Methods

AATSP Conference, Gualadajara, México

  • El Arrendajo Azul, la puesta en práctica de un periódico estudiantil

AATSP Conference, Albuquerque, NM

  • ¿Qué hay de vos?

National Biliteracy Conference, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

  • Literacy in Two Languages: How do Children Feel about It?

Expanding Literacy Studies, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

  • Heritage Language Use at Church: A Look into Literacy

Teaching Spanish to Native Speakers, Las Cruces, New Mexico

  • ¿Barrilete, papalote, chiringa, o cometa?

ACTFL Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Videos + Children’s Literature = Culturally Enriching Comprehensible Input
  • Japan Foundation Leadership Workshop, ACTFL Conference, Boston 2016

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