Minor in World Literatures and Cultures

As a reflection of the WLLC Department, the content of the World Cultures Minor centers around critical inquiry into world cultural products from languages other than English, with a particular focus on such productions as world literatures, cinema and the arts.


Through this new program taught in English, acquire global cultural competencies and skills in:

  • Communication: Learn about world cultural products originally produced in languages other than English
  • Cultures: Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures
  • Connections: Connect with other disciplines
  • Comparisons: Develop insight into the nature of culture
  • Communities: Participate and engage in multilingual and multicultural communities around the world


Choose Any Four:

  • BID 332 January in Martinique: Retracing Colonial Histories
  • BID 350 J-Term: Mozart, Beethoven and Beyond: The Music, History and Culture of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic
  • FRN 215 January in Paris: Living Parisian Arts and Culture
  • WL 209 World Literature in English
  • WL 215 Genocide and the Holocaust
  • WL 309 World Cinema
  • WL 310 January in Morocco: Exploring North African Identities and Cultures
  • WL 320 Non-Western Culture via Literature and Film

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Monger, Department Chair and Associate Professor.

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