Multi-Language Major

Gain proficiency in several languages on your way to a post-graduate degree.

Often used as the first benchmark in the pursuit towards a graduate program, the multi-language major is designed for students wanting to gain a significant level of proficiency in several languages as they prepare for careers in international development, foreign affairs, service to society; or for graduate school in fields such as linguistics or comparative literature.

Major Requirements

  • Three courses at the 300/400 level, often beginning with 301, in the primary language
  • At least three courses in the secondary language through a minimum level of 202
  • Demonstrate proficiency through the 102 level in the third language
  • ICS 270, WL 468 (.50 credit capstone internship) and WL 451 Senior Research Capstone
  • Two electives chosen from the provided list of courses in one of four tracks below

Choose a Track

Students take two electives from one of the tracks listed below. Substitutions may be considered and granted through consultation with the department chair.

  • Pre-graduate study is recommended for those interested in linguistics, comparative literature and similar fields.
  • International development is perfect for those looking to work in business, nonprofit organizations, finance, economics or marketing.
  • Foreign affairs is a great fit for those interested in foreign service, diplomacy and political science.
  • Social service covers international or domestic social services, and can be faith or non-faith based.

Choose if interested in linguistics, comparative literature and similar fields.

Choose two:

  • ENG 220 Principles of Literary Study
  • ENG 415 Literary Theory (prerequisite: ENG 220 or consent of instructor)
  • ENG 416 History and Structure of English
  • WL 319 The Nature of Language
  • WL 320 Non-Western Culture via Literature and Film

Choose if interested in business, nonprofit organizations, finance, economics or marketing.

Choose two:

  • BUS 230 Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 250 Management Theory and Practice
  • BUS 271 Introduction to Global Business
  • BUS 375 Capstone: Global Business (if student has taken BUS 271, 230 or 250 as other course in track)
  • COM 315 Intercultural Communications
  • ICS 275 Introduction to International Studies
  • PHL 310 Ethics and Business

Choose if interested in foreign service, diplomacy or political science.

Choose two:

  • GEO 311 Regional Study of Europe
  • GEO 317 Regional Study of Latin America
  • HIS 116 Survey of Non-Western Civilizations
  • HIS 170 Latin American History: Civilization and Culture
  • HIS 204 History of the Middle East
  • HIS 303 U.S. Diplomatic History
  • POL 301 Politics of the Global North
  • POL 302 Politics of the Global South
  • POL 306 Policies of International Relations
  • POL 307 American Foreign Policy

Choose if interested in international or domestic social services, faith or non-faith based.

Classes in Group A generally present issues and concepts of concern in social service. Those in Group B would then help students explore their own professional path.

It is recommended that students choose one from each group.

SOC 100 Introductory Sociology is a prerequisite for all sociology classes.

Group A
  • PHL 306 Moral Philosophy
  • REL 230 Christian Social Ethics
  • REL 240 World Religions
  • SOC 301 Social Problems
  • SOC 310 Class and Status
Group B
  • REL 280 Ministry: Callings and Practice
  • REL 281 Serving Society: Faith Perspectives
  • SW 303 Introduction to Social Work

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