Major in Spanish

Students who plan on majoring in Spanish have opportunities in fields that they may have never imagined.

With Spanish-speaking citizens and residents rapidly changing the linguistic landscape of our nation, the need for bilingual professionals to assist in every major facet of day-to-day life is on the rise. Spanish majors who have interests in alternative fields and professions can use their language skills to serve and satisfy a multitude of passions.

Spanish majors at Elmhurst learn to use the language to narrate in connected discourse, understand most details on a variety of topics, comprehend substantive texts in selected fields, write about a significant number of topics with a high degree of accuracy, and function appropriately in the culture.

Major Requirements

The Spanish major requires 7.50 credits (30 hours), composed of any combination of seven 300- and 400-level courses along with WL 451. Substitutions to promote study abroad and student interests are granted on a regular basis. However, the recommended curriculum generally includes:

  • One grammar/composition (SPN 301 or SPN 307)
  • One conversation (SPN 302 or SPN 308)
  • Culture sequence (SPN 312 and SPN 334)
  • Remaining electives are chosen from 300- and 400-level offerings

Other Considerations

  • Students can complete the requirements for the major even if they have not studied the language before coming to Elmhurst.
  • Those who have had previous exposure to a foreign language are given a placement exam to determine the proper course level.
  • World language majors are urged to complete requirements for a second major as well.

The Minor

A minor in Spanish can be a valuable addition to your resumé in today’s multicultural society. Prospective employers know that students who have significant experience in another language tend to be well educated, articulate, open-minded, willing to try new things and respectful of diverse cultures.

Academically, a culture or literature class in a foreign language or a study-abroad experience will support advanced scholarship in education, politics, nursing, business, the arts and many other fields.

The minor in Spanish consists of at least four college courses, three of which must be taken at the 300/400-level at Elmhurst University. A 202-level course can also count for intermediate students who wish to gain the minor, but no student is permitted to take a class below their placement level.

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