Admission Requirements

What to Know About the Admission Process

  • We assess your applications based on academic merit and application materials, taking into consideration your grade trends from freshman through junior year, the rigor of your high school curriculum, and your supporting materials.
  • We observe your academic performance within the context of the major for which you apply. This means we look to see strong grades and continued coursework in the subjects on your selected major.
  • Our application essay gives us a sense of your writing skills and your journey. We want to learn about you while we assess your level of writing and your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Please refrain from using artificial intelligence to construct your essay. If you feel an academic sample of your writing or graded paper better reflects your writing skills, please feel free to submit an assignment in lieu of a personal essay. Be mindful of the following guidelines for a strong admission essay:
    • Includes a strong focus and stays focused
    • Uses examples and details to support the focus
    • Uses paragraphs appropriately and is well-organized
    • Strong use of grammar and formatting
  • It’s your choice whether to apply test-optional or not. If you feel your high school transcript and writing are representative of your ability and potential, we recommend you apply under this option. However, you may choose to have test scores considered in place of an essay for admission review. Scores previously sent to Elmhurst will not be considered if you are applying test-optional. Test-optional means you will not need to submit standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) to be considered for admission. Both test-optional and standard application options offer/present the same scholarship opportunities. 
  • Your application is considered complete and will be reviewed when required materials are received whether or not we have received optional materials. Admission decisions are sent out both electronically and via postal mail. Students who are not admissible to Elmhurst will be notified electronically and encouraged to work with us on a transfer plan.
  • Some major programs require additional materials such as auditions or portfolios for admission consideration and/or scholarship eligibility.
  • Students who have taken university credit (dual credit) alongside their high school coursework should request an official transcript to be sent to [email protected] so that we can award you credit.

Note: If you are applying to the Distance Accelerated BSN or the Distance Master’s Entry in Nursing Practice online programs, please send official electronic transcripts to [email protected]. Please confirm the receiving address when ordering, as many sending institutions have default email addresses in their systems. If sent to any other Elmhurst University email address, there may be a delay in processing the documents.

At the discretion of the University’s Admission Review Board, we may ask you to submit additional supporting materials such as seventh-semester (fall-term grades), an interview, essay, or a completed teacher evaluation form issued by Elmhurst.

International students (those needing an F-1 student visa to study in the U.S.) must submit Proof of English Proficiency.

Homeschooled students will be required to submit a minimum of 12 semester hours of college-level credit if applying test-optional. Otherwise, homeschooled students should elect to apply using standardized test scores.

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Elmhurst University, in accordance with our core values, identity, and affiliation with the United Church of Christ, respects the rights of students to peacefully protest. Participation in such activities will not have a negative impact on admission and/or enrollment.

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