Admission Requirements

What to Know About the Admission Process

  • We assess your applications based on academic merit, including your weighted grade point average (GPA) and highest composite test score from the SAT® or ACT®.*
  • We also take into consideration your grade trends from freshman through junior year, the rigor of your high school curriculum, and your supporting materials.
  • We give full consideration to all students who apply with a minimum SAT score of 900 or ACT of 17.

At the discretion of the University’s Admission Review Board, we may ask you to submit seventh-semester grades, updated test scores, or additional supporting materials.

The average incoming GPA is 3.4, and the middle 50% of students score between 1100 and 1270 on the SAT®.

*International students (those needing an F-1 student visa to study in the U.S.) are not required to submit the ACT® or SAT®. Proof of English Proficiency is required.

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Elmhurst University, in accordance with our core values, identity, and affiliation with the United Church of Christ, respects the rights of students to peacefully protest. Participation in such activities will not have a negative impact on admission and/or enrollment.

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