Admission Requirements and Scholarships

International student admission requirements vary depending on what type of student you are: Is this your first year, are you transferring, or are you interested in Elmhurst’s graduate degree programs?

First-Year Students

A first-year applicant is a student entering the university after completing secondary school (high school), but not having completed additional coursework in one or more post-secondary college or university.

Transfer Students

A transfer applicant is a student applying for a bachelor’s degree who has completed secondary school (high school) and has taken additional coursework in one or more post-secondary college or university.

Graduate Students

A graduate applicant is a student who has completed at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent higher education degree and is interested in applying for a master’s or a Ph.D. program.


We are committed to making Elmhurst University an affordable option for students from around the globe.

That’s why we offer unusually generous merit-based scholarships to international students. Depending on whether you’re applying as a first-year student or a transfer, you may be eligible for merit awards worth as much as $20,000 each year.

Elmhurst awards merit scholarships on the basis of several factors, including academic achievement, artistic talent and membership in the United Church of Christ. The University also awards international student grants to help support the cost of tuition.

No separate scholarship application is required—we make award decisions based on your application for admission to the University.

To view the available scholarship opportunities, select the student category you belong to above. You can also contact us to receive more information.

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