The proficiency requirements are designed to make sure you have the tools you need to move forward in college and beyond.

They are foundational to further academic success and should be addressed as soon as possible after you enter the College, and in any event, no later than the end of your sophomore year. Transfer students should meet the four proficiencies within their first year after admission.

You will need to demonstrate proficiency in four subject areas: writing, mathematics, foreign language and computer technology.

Many students are able to demonstrate proficiency on one or more of these areas through placement tests, AP credit, previous coursework, or ACT or SAT scores. The College also offers courses that satisfy these proficiency requirements every term.

How do I meet the proficiency requirements?

  • Take the writing placement test on new student advising and registration dates, and place into ENG 106
  • Take and pass ENG 105 Composition I with a grade of D or higher, or bring in transfer credit for ENG 105
  • AP credit (score of 3 or higher) for the English Language and Composition exam
  • IB credit (score of 5 or higher)
  • CLEP
  • ACT composite of 29, or SAT score of 1900 or higher
  • ACT mathematics score of 22, or SAT mathematics score of 560 or higher
  • Pass the mathematics proficiency test (download a study guide)
    • Because a number of majors have a math requirement that satisfies the mathematics proficiency, this test is not offered on the first-year advising and registration dates.
    • Students are encouraged to study before taking the mathematics proficiency test.
    • Students are allowed to take the Mathematics Proficiency Test a total of four times.
    • Students may not take the test more than once on any given test day.
    • The Chair of the Mathematics Department may grant exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis.
  • Take and pass an approved college-level math course, either at Elmhurst or at another institution (excludes MTH 326, MTH 327, MTH 345 and MTH 346)
    • MTH 325 is restricted to Early Childhood, Elementary Education and Special Education majors
    • Mathematics courses may be taken for a P or any passing letter grade
  • AP, IB, or CLEP mathematics credit awarded at Elmhurst (see the 2018-2019 Elmhurst College Catalog for more information)
  • Completing two or more years of the same language in high school with a grade of D or higher
  • Completing one year of language in college with a grade of D or higher (equivalent to the 102 level)
  • Taking the Elmhurst College placement test (Spanish, French, German) and scoring (placing) at the 201 level or higher
  • AP credit (score of 3 or higher) for the appropriate language exam; IB credit (score of 5 or higher); or CLEP credit
  • Passing the computer technology proficiency test (download a study guide)
    • Offered several times during the Fall and Spring Terms, as well as on select new student advising days during summer
    • Students may repeat this test once
  • Taking the college-level class CS 111 Introduction to Software Applications and Digital Technology
  • This course may be taken for a passing letter grade or a P
  • Transfer course (at least three semester hours) that includes Office Suite
    • Course description must mention word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database management
  • Education portfolios – ECE/EED/SEC/SPE 370 (later renumbered 450); also, ENG 370 and ART 370
  • Presenting official documentation of passing the Microsoft Excel Certification exam and one of any other Office Product exams

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