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Meet Your Orientation Student Leaders (OSLs)

To assist new first-year and transfer students on campus, Orientation Student Leaders lead groups of them through the Orientation program.

OSLs are students who are exceptional leaders on campus—and they all went through Orientation themselves when they started at the University! Orientation Student Leader Coordinators help organize the entire Orientation program and have previously served as OSLs.

Orientation Student Leader Coordinators

Abby DanielsAbby Daniels ’22

Fun Fact: I love dogs! Especially my dog named Pheobe.

Major: Special Education

Alyssa De JesusAlyssa De Jesus ’22

Fun Fact: I write poetry and want to publish a poetry book one day.

Major: Strategic Communication

Zack de RamosZack de Ramos ’22

Fun Fact: I’ve had a sleepover with sloths.

Major: Secondary Science Education

Natalie GrilloNatalie Grillo ’22

Fun Fact: My favorite place in the U.S. is the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Major: Early Childhoood Education

2021 Orientation Student Leaders

Korynn ArmendarezKorryn Armendarez ’22

Fun Fact: I have lived in Germany twice.

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Andrea ArmentaAndrea Armenta ’24

Fun Fact: I am scared of the dark.

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Kyasi Kayla Elise BayaniKyasi Kayla Elise Bayani ’24

Fun Fact: I have three first names.

Major: Nursing

Sameiya BoganSameiya Bogan ’21

Fun Fact: I love working with Transfer Students.

Major: Biology (Pre-Med)

Charles Busch

Charles Busch ’23

Fun Fact: I worked with Transfer students last year.

Major: History

Angelica CanongAngelica Canong ’23

Fun Fact: I am left-handed.

Major: Business Marketing

Gia Capazzoli

Gia Capozzoli ’23

Fun Fact: I really like photography.

Major: Psychology

Evan CaverlyEvan Caverly ’22

Fun Fact: My favorite restaurant is Mon Ami Gabi.

Major: Music Education

Michelle Diaz

Michelle Diaz ’22

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Spain and England.

Majors: Communication Sciences and Disorders and Spanish

Rachael DickensonRachael Dickenson ’23

Fun Fact: I got to the third round of “America’s Got Talent.”

Major: Nursing

Jorge Duran

Jorge Duran ’24

Fun Fact: I can play three different variations of the flute.

Majors: Political Science and Criminal Justice

Alexander Eddy, wax figure of Ellen DeGeneresAlexander Eddy ’24

Fun Fact: I love Wisconsin.

Major: Business Marketing

Vaishnavi GandhiVaishnavi Gandhi ’22

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in India.

Major: Exercise Science

Mason GarciaMason Garcia ’22

Fun Fact: I am color blind.

Major: Cybersecurity

Jessica Goodreid

Jessica Goodreid ’22

Fun Fact: I know a lot about Russian History.

Major: Music Education

Anayeli Huerta

Anayeli Huerta ’22

Fun Fact: I am vegan.

Majors: Communication Science and Disorders and Spanish Language

Zooey Immordino

Zoey Immordino ’22

Fun Fact: I have two tattoos.

Major: Special Education

Hope JohnsonHope Johnson ’23

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with ice cream.

Major: Biology

Tori Kornatowski

Tori Kornatowski ’24

Fun Fact: I can play three instruments.

Major: Music Education

Shara McDaniel

Shara McDaniel ’23

Fun Fact: I was born premature at 5 months; I was 1 pound and 1 ounce.

Major: English

Alexa NastasiAlexa Nastasi ’23

Fun Fact: I met the Jonas Brothers.

Major: Theatre Education

Marina OrricoMarina Orrico ’22

Fun Fact: I am a yoga instructor.

Major: Biology

Julia Pollina ’22

Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubix Cube.

Majors: Communication Sciences and Disorders, Spanish

Elizabeth ReiterElizabeth Reiter ’23

Fun Fact: I love to make things with my cricut.

Major: Nursing

Grace Savio

Grace Savio ’23

Fun Fact: I love scary movies.

Major: Criminal Justice

Teagan Sloan

Teagan Sloan ’23

Fun Fact: I love dogs.

Major: Nursing

Clare Songco

Clare Songco ’24

Fun Fact: I don’t know how to whistle.

Major: Choral Music Education

Maisie SteeleMaisie Steele ’23

Fun Fact: I love to bake and walk my dog.

Major: Music Education

Emilio Suarez

Emilio Suarez ’23

Fun Fact: I was in the newspaper for eating a hot dog while I was running a 5K.

Major: Marketing

Jared SzaltisJared Szaltis ’23

Fun Fact: I have a twin brother who has the same major as me.

Majors: History and Secondary Education

Jennifer Szutowicz

Jennifer Szutowicz ’23

Fun Fact: I love Matcha.

Major: Nursing

Matthew Tobin

Matthew Tobin ’22

Fun Fact: I am the school’s unofficial pole vault record holder.

Majors: Physics and Aerospace Engineering

Marieli Urquiza

Marieli Urquiza ’22

Fun Fact: I have a caffeine addiction.

Major: World Languages Education

Andrew Wieser

Andrew Wieser ’24

Fun Fact: I have a big CD collection.

Major: Music Business

Jessica Winston

Jessica Winston ’23

Fun Fact: I write a lot of my own music.

Major: Elementary Education

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