Bluejay Bike Program

The Bluejay Bike Program offers students the opportunity to rent one of a limited number of University bicycles during the warmer temperatures of a semester.

The cost to rent a bicycle and lock is $25 per semester, with payment due when the bicycle is picked up.

Acceptable forms of payment for the rental are credit or debit card. Replacement costs will be charged to the student’s account if the bicycle, lock, and lock key are not returned, or are returned with damage that is above the usual amount for the rental period of the bicycle. Bike rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reservations to reserve a bicycle will begin 15 days prior to the rental start date for each term.


Rental Dates

  • Fall Term: Sept. 1–Oct. 31
  • Spring Term: April 1–May 15
  • Summer Term: June 10–July 25

Enjoy Your Ride

Once you’re off and pedaling, you’re free to ride wherever you like! Take a leisurely ride along one of the local bike trails, check out the sights of downtown Elmhurst or just cruise the neighborhood with friends.

Riders must provide their own helmets. Our bikes are maintained by Public Safety’s Bluejay Bike Shop, located in the lower level of the Elm Park Apartments. Bikes can be brought there for repairs, pumping up the bike tires and fixing flats while the bike is being rented. The Bluejay Bike Shop will be open for a limited number of hours each week.  Hours will be posted at a later date.

For more about the Bluejay Bike Program, please contact the Office of Public Safety at (630) 617-3000.

Biking Resources

The Bluejay Bike Program offers this list of resources for bicyclists on campus and beyond.

Bike Safety and Tips
Bike Trails
Area Bike Clubs

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