Driver’s License & State ID

During their authorized stay in the United States, international students might need or want to obtain a Driver’s License or State ID. In general, the following documents are Acceptable Identification Documents for international students and can be used for the appropriate document application:

  • Group A, Written Signature: Passport and I-94 Record
  • Group B, Date of Birth: F-1 Visa
  • Group C, Social Security Number: Social Security Card or Form SSA-L676 (SSN letter of ineligibility)
  • Group D, Letter on Official School Letterhead
    • An Enrollment Verification Letter, issued by the Office of Registration and Records, can serve as “Letter on Official School Letterhead”
      • On the “Enrollment Verification” request select “Enrollment Verification” and “Anticipated Degree Completion”
      • Under Delivery Option choose “Mail” and write your address in the provided boxes
    • A Tuition Invoice can be obtained from Student Financial Services

The below resources are intended to provide you with information, eligibility, and how to apply for each document.


International students are able to drive on a valid foreign driver’s license for up to 90 days after your arrival in the U.S. After the initial 90 days International Students have two options for driving in Illinois:

Applying for an Illinois Driver’s License

Applying for a Temporary Visitors Driver’s License (TVDL)

The following are general steps for applying for a Temporary Visitor’s Driver’s License.


If an international student does not want to obtain a driver’s license but still wants an identification card, they can apply for a State ID. State IDs can help prove identity when banking, traveling, or in other situations. Please note – international students that do not have a Social Security Number cannot obtain a State ID.

Applying for a State ID

The following are general steps for applying for a State ID.

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