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Post-Master’s Certificate: Nurse Educator

The post-master’s certificate is designed to provide nurses with a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing with knowledge and skills to be effective nurse educators.

This program includes didactic as well as clinical experiences to promote competency as an educator in a variety of roles in academic or clinical settings. The three-course sequence (nine semester hours) is offered over January and Spring terms and includes a clinical residency. The residency (180 clinical hours) includes a synthesis project and a structured experience to be mentored by a master teacher in the student’s area of interest.

Admission Requirements

  • Master’s degree or higher in nursing
  • Official transcripts from master of science or doctoral degree in the nursing program
  • Work experience in nursing within the past five years
  • Goal statement: a one- or two-page essay describing personal and professional goals and how the nurse educator certificate at Elmhurst University will enable the achievement of those outcomes
  • A current résumé documenting the applicant’s work history, including levels of responsibility, areas of professional growth and prior professional experience


.75 credit (3 semester hours)

Builds on the theories and principles of teaching/learning for an advanced nursing role that have been developed in the foundational courses. As an advanced competence course, emphasis is on knowledge and skills for teaching, learning and communication in technology-enabled environments. Focus includes: management of relevant data and use of information to support professional nurses and to care for patients in multiple settings. Ethical and legal issues related to information technology are explored from the perspective of an advanced nursing role.

.75 credit (3 semester hours)

Examines the relationship among curriculum design, course development and outcomes. Curriculum development, including mission, philosophy and stakeholders, is explored from the perspective of the nurse educator role. Systematic processes for program assessment are examined. Standards from external accreditation agencies and ethical and legal issues unique to education, evaluation and the profession of nursing are discussed.

Prerequisite: NRS 532; may be taken concurrently with NRS 534.

.75 credit (3 semester hours)

Designed as a capstone experience with opportunities to synthesize the knowledge and skills developed throughout the program. The student is mentored by a master teacher to develop expertise in the nurse educator role in a setting that is an area of interest. Settings include: academic nursing programs, secondary and tertiary health care agencies and community-based primary care organizations. Students complete 180 clinical hours in this residency. Seminar is structured to explore issues and reflect on role implementation.

Prerequisite: NRS 532; may be taken concurrently with NRS 533.

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