Elmhurst College and KinderWorld Education Group Become Official Partners

October 13, 2017 | by the Office of Marketing and Communications

Elmhurst College and the Singapore-based KinderWorld Education Group have signed two partnership agreements that will smooth the path for students enrolled in KinderWorld schools, in southeast Asia, to attend Elmhurst College.

KinderWorld Education Group provides educational services for children in grades K-12, as well as higher and continuing education, in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

During a signing ceremony on the Elmhurst College campus on Thursday, October 12, Elmhurst College President Troy D. VanAken and KinderWorld Chairman Ricky Tan signed two formal agreements:

  • A Student Recruitment Collaboration Agreement, which engages KinderWorld as Elmhurst College’s exclusive student recruitment partner in Vietnam
  • A Guaranteed Admission Agreement between Elmhurst College and Pegasus International College, a KinderWorld partner school that provides higher education courses to Vietnamese students in such areas as hospitality, tourism and business. The agreement offers Pegasus International College students guaranteed admission to Elmhurst College to complete the Elmhurst Management Program.

The guaranteed admission agreement is an international version of similar transfer agreements Elmhurst signed recently with College of DuPage, Triton College and Moraine Valley Community College.

“We’ve signed a number of these kinds of agreements with community colleges and have seen them bear fruit,” President VanAken said. “It’s part of why we’ve seen record enrollments here, and it’s part of why some really good things are going to happen for our people and the institution.”

President VanAken looked forward to the opportunities the agreements would create, noting that the College’s strengthened relationship with KinderWorld “really opened my eyes to the way the world can work in an interconnected way.”

Chairman Tan agreed. “For all of our high school and other students who come to America, we want their first choice to be Elmhurst College,” he said. “I look forward to a very long, fruitful relationship with Elmhurst. I believe this partnership will allow for our students to have the best education America has to offer.”

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