» Minor in Reading Education

Minor in Reading Education

For students admitted to a teacher education program

Completion of this minor requires a minimum of 24 semester hours of coursework in reading education. No more than two courses (8 semester hours) from a major or another minor may be used to satisfy the minor requirements. No more than two courses will be accepted in transfer.

Only students who are formally admitted to a teacher education program may earn this minor. The completion of ECE/EED/SEC/SPE 300 or its equivalent is required to enroll in any 300- or 400-level education courses. Students are required to complete all courses with grades of B (3.0) or higher, while maintaining a minor GPA of 3.000 and a 2.750 cumulative GPA. 

The courses required for the minor in reading education must satisfy the 24-hour course requirements for the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Reading Teacher Endorsement on early childhood, elementary, special K-12 education, or secondary teaching certificates. In addition, teacher candidates will need to pass the ISBE Teacher Content Test (#177) and apply for the endorsement in person at a Regional Office of Education (ROE) with form 73-52.

One reading foundations course (4 semester hours)
EED 314 Literacy I–Learning Language: Emergent/Early Literacy or ECE 318 Reading and the Language Arts for the Young Child

One developmental reading course (4 semester hours)
EED 315 Literacy II: Using Language to Learn or SPE 316 Literacy III: K-12 Instructional Strategies and Interventions

One course in content area reading (2 semester hours)
SEC 321 Content Area Reading (6-12) for secondary certificates only (Half course) or EDU 321 Content Area Reading (K-12) for early childhood, elementary, or special education certificates (Half Course)

One course in children’s or adolescent literature (2 or more semester hours)
ENG 314 Children’s Literature (pK-grade 8) for early childhood, special education, or elementary certificates
ENG 315 Adolescent Literature (grades 6-12) for middle level approval and secondary certificates (Half course)

One course in assessment, diagnosis, and remediation of reading difficulties (4 semester hours)
SPE 440 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties (Prerequisite: EED 314, or EED 315, or SPE 316, or ECE 318)

One reading practicum (4 semester hours)
EDU 445 Literacy Practicum (Prerequisite: SPE 440)

Additional courses in reading or children’s and adolescent literature, if needed, to meet the 24-hour requirement.
EED 315 Literacy II: Using Language to Learn
SPE 316 Literacy III: K-12 Instructional Strategies and Interventions
ENG 314 Children’s Literature (preK-8 literature)
ENG 315 Adolescent Literature (6-12 literature); students earning middle level approval should complete ENG 315
ENG 324 Reading about Reading (preK-12)
EDU 373 Using Pictures Books with Adolescent Literature in Middle School and Upper Elementary Classrooms

Recommended three-semester sequence of reading courses (completed during junior and senior years prior to student teaching):
Semester I: Foundations course and children’s/adolescent literature course
Semester II: Developmental course, SPE 440, and an additional course, if needed  
Semester III: EDU 445, SEC 321 or EDU 321, and an additional course, if needed
Semester IV: Student teaching
January Term: Additional course, if needed and available
Summer Term: EDU 445, if not completed during a regular term

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