Major in Elementary Teacher Education

Elmhurst University’s innovative program in elementary teacher education prepares students for licensure to teach in grades one through six.

The two-year program is designed as a major for juniors and seniors with a minor in a high-need area of education. Because of its design, the program also works especially well for transfer students from community colleges.

Students in this program begin their in-school clinical experiences early in their education, with close supervision and coordination from faculty. Candidates are placed in clinical experiences by the program director.

Learn in Term-Length Blocks

Courses are offered together in term-length blocks, with each block devoted to a different grade level or teaching experience. Explore the blocks in the accordion below.

Block 1 focuses on first through third grade classrooms.

  • ELM 300 Elementary Curriculum, Planning, and Instruction for the Primary Grades
  • ELM 301 Elementary Education Practicum in Primary Classrooms
  • ELM 314 Elementary Methods and Materials for Literacy Learners in Diverse Primary Classrooms
  • ELM 341 Primary Classroom Methods in Elementary Mathematics, Science, and Social Science

Block 2 focuses on fourth through six grade classrooms.

  • ELM 350 Elementary Curriculum, Planning, and Instruction for the Intermediate Grades
  • ELM 352 Elementary Education Practicum in Intermediate Classrooms
  • ELM 372 Methods and Materials for Literacy Learners in Diverse Intermediate and Middle-Level Classrooms
  • ELM 382 Intermediate Classroom Methods in Elementary Mathematics, Science, and Social Science

Block 3 involves daylong internships in schools with a focus on meeting the needs of individual students and building an inclusive classroom.

  • ELM 419 Evidenced-based Elementary Classroom Assessment and Learning Environments
  • SPE 440 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties
  • SPE 442 Remediation of Difficulties in Understanding and Applying Mathematics
  • ELM 450 Elementary School Practicum and Professional Practice Seminar

Block 4 is a 15-week, full-time student teaching clinical experience in a first through sixth grade classroom.

  • ELM 471 Elementary Education Reflective Practice Seminar
  • ELM 498 Elementary Education Capstone Seminar
  • ELM 451 Student Teaching in Elementary Education

Each block of courses is co-taught by a team of faculty members who also coordinate courses and fieldwork and supervise students in their prearranged school sites. Students in the program complete a minor in one of four high-need areas:

  • Reading education (earns the Reading Teacher Endorsement)
  • Educating students with exceptionalities (earns the Learning Behavior Specialist 1(LBS1) Endorsement)
  • Teaching English learners (earns the ESL or Bilingual Endorsement)
  • Mathematics education (can be selected as a secondary minor only)

Application Timeline

Fall Term

Applications are accepted beginning Feb. 1 and reviewed the first of each month until the cohort is filled. All four areas of specialization are offered with fall admission.

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