Major in Elementary Teacher Education

Elmhurst University’s innovative program in elementary teacher education prepares students for licensure to teach in grades one through six.

The two-year program is designed as a major for juniors and seniors with a minor in a high-need area of education. Because of its design, the program also works especially well for transfer students from community colleges. Students are accepted into the elementary program in the Fall Term of each year.

Students in this program begin their in-school practicum experiences early in their education, with close supervision and coordination from faculty and university supervisors. Candidates are assigned by the program director to local schools for practicum experiences.

Learn in Term-Length Blocks

Courses are offered together in term-length blocks, with each block devoted to a different grade level range and teaching experience. Explore the blocks in the accordion below.

Block 1 focuses on first through third grade classrooms.

  • ELM 300 Elementary Curriculum, Planning and Instruction for the Primary Grades (.75 credit)
  • ELM 301 Elementary Education Practicum in Primary Classrooms (.25 credit) 
  • ELM 314 Elementary Methods and Materials for Literacy Learners in Diverse Primary Classrooms (.75 credit)
  • ELM 341 Primary Classroom Methods in Elementary Mathematics, Science and Social Science (1.00 credit)
  • TEL 204 Cross-cultural Studies for Teaching English Language Learners (.75 credit)
    Students take this course during Block 1 or the semester before.

Block 2 focuses on fourth through six grade classrooms.

  • ELM 350 Elementary Curriculum, Planning and Instruction for the Intermediate Grades (.75 credit)

  • ELM 352 Elementary Education Practicum in Intermediate Classrooms (.25 credit)

  • ELM 372 Methods and Materials for Literacy Learners in Diverse Intermediate and Middle-Level Classrooms (.75 credit)

  • ELM 382 Intermediate Classroom Methods in Elementary Mathematics, Science and Social Science (1.00 credit)

Block 3 involves two full-day internships in schools with a focus on meeting the needs of individual students and building an inclusive classroom.

  • ELM 419 Evidence-based Elementary Classroom Assessment and Learning Environments (.75 credit)

  • ELM 450 Elementary School Practicum and Professional Practice Seminar (1.00 credit)

  • SPE 440 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties (.75 credit)

  • SPE 442 Remediation of Difficulties in Understanding and Applying Mathematics (.50 credit)

Block 4 is a 15-week, full-time student teaching clinical experience in a first through sixth-grade classroom.

  • ELM 451 Student Teaching in Elementary Education (3.00 credits)
  • ELM 471 Elementary Education Reflective Practice Seminar (.50 credit)
  • ELM 498 Elementary Education Capstone Seminar (.50 credit)

Each block of courses is taught by a team of faculty members who also coordinate courses with fieldwork assignments. Students in the program complete a minor in one of three high-need areas:

  • Reading education (earns the Reading Teacher Endorsement)
  • Educating students with exceptionalities (earns the Learning Behavior Specialist 1(LBS1) Endorsement)
  • Teaching English learners (earns the ESL or Bilingual Endorsement)

Students may also choose the Elmhurst University Math minor as a secondary minor.

Application Timeline

Fall Term

Applications are accepted beginning Feb. 1 and reviewed the first of each month until the cohort is filled. All four areas of specialization are offered with fall admission.

Program Resources

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Completing Elementary Teacher Education Prerequisites at a Community College 

Planning to complete the program’s prerequisites at a community college prior to transferring? Use the advising sheets below to determine which courses you need to enroll in at the community college of your choice, so you are prepared to apply to the ELM program.

Jeanne White, Ed.D.

Professor and Program Director of Elementary Education
Department of Education

William Slodki

Director of Teacher Education Admission; Adjunct Faculty, Education
Department of Education

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