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Faculty and Staff

Elmhurst education faculty members are outstanding teachers, scholars, and practitioners.

Members of the faculty have been recognized by the State of Illinois, and a variety of professional organizations.

Faculty members hold leadership roles in state and national professional organizations, maintain impressive publishing and professional service records, and remain true to the fundamental focus of excellence in teaching and support for their students.

The faculty is equally committed to staying abreast of new scholarship and policies in the field through continual review and synthesis of current research findings, methodology and teaching strategies, and innovation in technology and curriculum.

Full-Time Faculty

Debbie Cosgrove, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Elementary Education
Department of Education

Linda Dauksas, Ed.D.

Professor of Education, and Director of Early Childhood Education and Special Education
Department of Education

Kwadwo Oppong-Wadie, Elmhurst University

Kwadwo Oppong-Wadie, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Education
Department of English

Theresa Robinson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education and Director of Secondary Education
Department of Education

Simeon Stumme, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education
Department of Education

Therese Wehman, Ph.D.

Professor, Education; Program Director, MAT in Early Childhood Education and M.Ed. in Early Childhood Special Education
Department of Education

Jeanne White, Ed.D.

Professor, Education; Program Director, M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership
Department of Education

Administrative Staff

Holly Aramburu, Elmhurst University

Holly Aramburu

Administrative Assistant for the Chair and Department Accounts
Department of Education

Shannon Ray

Administrative Assistant, Teacher Accreditation and Satellite Programs
Department of Education

Professional Staff

Jennifer Cerami

Supervisor, Education
Department of Education

Michael Jankiewicz, Ed.D.

Teacher Licensure Officer
Department of Education

Judith Kaminski

Director of the Satellite Field Experience Network
Department of Education

Angela Pagel

Supervisor, Education
Department of Education

William Slodki

Director of Teacher Education Admission; Adjunct Faculty, Education
Department of Education

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