Mission & Learning Outcomes


The Department of Biology is dedicated to developing broadly trained biologists who are prepared to ask informed questions about nature and obtain meaningful answers.  Through mentoring our students in the skills of inquiry, and by modeling the behavior of scholarship, we cultivate the investigator and prepare the scholar for his or her personal path towards a career as biology educator, research scientist, or health care professional.

Departmental Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, our students will be able to:

  • Recall and explain basic information derived by the biological sciences and allied fields and demonstrate the skills required for immediate employment or the graduate or professional school of their choosing;
  • Discuss the major concepts from all areas of biology and demonstrate the ability to relate information from the many disciplines that make up the biological sciences, as well as be able to explain the importance of major technological and theoretical advances in the field from a historical perspective;
  • Demonstrate the ability to clearly communicate biological data and hypotheses/theories to explain them formally both orally and in writing, and to evaluate whether an action of their own or others at any stage of the research process impinges on professional expectations of intellectual integrity;
  • Apply the scientific method in an attempt to solve biological problems and use the results to construct logical arguments, and to logically criticize both their own scientific work and that of others; and
  • Design controlled scientific experiments and make use of scientific methodology and a variety of instrumentation in order to perform all parts of the scientific research process: design, data collection, analysis and communication.

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