» Minor in Social Studies Education

Minor in Social Studies Education

For students admitted to a teacher education program

The purpose of this minor is to provide elementary, middle-level and secondary education students with a broad-based background in social studies. The coursework will draw primarily from the content areas of history, geography, political science, sociology and economics and is aligned with the Illinois State Learning Standards and the National Council for the Social Studies Thematic Standards. In addition, students will be required to experience one education course dealing with the actual teaching of the social studies at either the elementary or secondary level.

This minor will require a total of five social studies content courses (aside from the required methods course) which have been grouped according to the following themes: Civic Competence, Cultural Heritage, Geographic Literacy, Global Competence and either Economic Literacy or Social justice.

Notes: At least half of the courses must be taken at Elmhurst College. Credits must total at least 18 semester hours including category VII. Courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher and a cumulative minor GPA of at least 2.75.

I. Civic Competence
POL 201 American Federal Government

II. Cultural Heritage
HIS 301 American History before 1865
HIS 302 The United States from 1865 to the Present
HIS 304 The United States in the Twentieth Century

III. Geographic Literacy
GEO 111 Regional Study of the Modern Industrial World
GEO 112 Regional Study of the Developing World (SPA: G)

IV. Global Competence (NCSS Standard IX Global Connections)
GEO 112 Regional Study of the Developing World
GEO 311 Regional Study of Europe
GEO 317 Regional Study of Latin America
HIS 116 Survey of Non-western Civilization
HIS 170 Latin-American History: Civilization and Culture
HIS 204 History of the Middle East
HIS 306 The Indigenous People of Latin America
HIS 364 History of the Far East
POL 302 Politics of Developing Nations
POL 303 Politics of the Middle East
POL 306 Politics of International Relations
REL 240 World Religions: General Introduction
SOC 212 Cultural Anthropology

Select at least one course from either Category V or Category VI:

V. Economic Literacy
ECO 210 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECO 211 Introduction to Macroeconomics

VI. Social Justice
EDU 331 Race and Equity in Education
FL 215 Genocide and the Holocaust
HIS 301 American History before 1865
HIS 302 The United States from 1865 to the Present
HIS 304 The United States in the 20th Century
HIS 305 Imperialism and Colonialism
HON 304 Facing History and Ourselves
ICS 270 Introduction to Intercultural Studies (.50 credit)
ICS 395 Civil Rights Movements: U.S. and South Africa
REL 242 Issues in Islam: Gender, Politics and Human Rights
REL 332 Theology, Ethics and Health Care
REL 371/EDU 380 South Africa: Service and Interdisciplinary Study
SOC 304 Majority-Minority Relations
SOC 305 Sex and Gender in Society
SOC 310 Social Inequality

VII. Education
EED 325 Social Studies in the Elementary and Middle Schools
SEC 425 Teaching Social Studies in the Middle and Secondary Schools (.50 credit)

*The Illinois State Board of Education requires that all candidates complete coursework for the present Middle Level Approval and have their Professional Educator License endorsement issued on or before January 31, 2018.

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