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If you plan to obtain teaching licensure, you should be in contact with the Department of Education as well as the Department of Kinesiology. To be admitted to the teacher education program, a student must establish and maintain a 3.00 cumulative grade-point average and a 2.75 grade-point average in the physical education major. The quality of all major and minor courses must be C or better. Please see the Department of Education for additional criteria. Students are required to pass the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) to be admitted to a licensure program, the appropriate content area test prior to the student teaching semester, and the APT (Assessment of Professional Teaching) test prior to program completion.

In addition to the courses in the major, the following courses are required for teacher licensure.

Requirements for Licensure K-12
EDU 104 Cultural Foundations of Education in the United States
KIN 440 Instructional Techniques for Middle and Secondary Physical Education Pedagogy (prerequisite: KIN 235)
SEC 200 Introductory Seminar to Teaching as a Caring Profession (.50 credit)
SEC 300 Intermediate Seminar for Teaching in Diverse and inclusive Schools (.25 credit)
SEC 310 Methods and Best Practices in Middle and Secondary Education (co- prerequisite: SEC 200, SEC 311)
SEC 311 Educational Psychology (prerequisite: PSY 210)
SEC 421 Theory and Practice for Building Academic Literacies in K-12 Classrooms
SEC 450 Advanced Seminar in Teacher Collaboration and Professional Practice (.25 credit)
SEC 457 Student Teaching in Special Fields
Two courses in written communication
One course in mathematics (MTH 110 or 345 recommended) or demonstrated proficiency
EDU 360 The Middle School: History, Philosophy, Organizational Structures, and Best Practices (recommended)

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