Juan Barrera

Juan Carlos Barrera, DBA

Associate Professor, International Business
Department of Business and Economics

Doctorate of International Business, Argosy University
Master of Information Systems and Technology (ABT), York University
Master of Science in Business Administration (focus PM), Keller Graduate School of Management
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Electronics Engineering, Morelia Institute of Technology

Juan Carlos Barrera specializes in international business, business intelligence and information systems. His international experience in business and academia includes work in Europe, Canada and Latin America as well as the United States. His multilingual and multicultural skills allow him to build rapport immediately with diverse audiences.

Dr. Barrera’s research on business and technology has been showcased at Harvard University and Oxford University through a variety of professional affiliations. He is the author of several research papers and two books, and he is currently developing a series of breakthrough information systems tutorials in collaboration with the Steinbeis Technology and Knowledge Transfer Institutes in Germany. Dr. Barrera’s current professional interests include: big data applications, cloud computing, cybersecurity and cyber-warfare, as well as the internationalization of supply chains and the integration of disruptive technologies into business systems.

  • MBA 505 Strategies for Creating Competitive Advantage
  • MBA 500 Organizational Management
  • SCM 533 Global Logistics Networks
  • SCM 511 Business Strategies
  • BUS 456 Strategic Management – Global Environment
  • BUS 376 International Finance
  • BUS 375 International Marketing

During my career I have strived to build a rich background that is inclusive and respectful of multiple perspectives. A diverse professional background delivers profound academic value inside and outside the classroom. Nowadays, most business schools consider diverse experiences as building blocks for knowledge creation, innovation and multidisciplinary engagement. To this end, my background and professional experiences in foreign countries enable my multidisciplinary teaching approach in the classroom.

Most of my business insights are based on my past work experiences as manager, small-business consultant, researcher and business trainer. My multidisciplinary teaching approach helps to inspire and empower students, while encouraging creative thinking. As a teacher, it is my goal to enhance student learning as a transformative experience. In the classroom, I utilize an open-forum format for generating ideas, and to encourage intellectual curiosity. In doing so, students are required to challenge the validity of existing ideas. This helps students see boundaries, whether cultural or social, as constructed, and affords them an opportunity to challenge them and move beyond them.

In summary, I strive to give all students an equal opportunity to learn by promoting intellectual diversity in the various ways it manifests itself in academia. It is through my respect for intellectual diversity and curiosity that I conduct myself in a professional manner to create a positive learning environment where students can develop their critical thinking skills.

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