Mission & Learning Outcomes


The Elmhurst College Department of Business and Economics consists of dedicated and experienced faculty who foster student learning and personal growth.  Our graduates will be engaged global citizens uniquely prepared to add value to the workplace and society.  We are student centered and want to assure they have the necessary competencies for a successful career, lifelong learning and the ability to improve the world.


Transforming students into global professionals willing to impact the status quo.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. The student has a basic knowledge of the content of functional areas of business.
  2. The student is able to interpret numerical data and solve problems using quantitative methods.
  3. The student is able to use technology to organize information and solve problems.
  4. The student is able to integrate theories, methods and framework of the business and economics disciplines to analyze business problems.
  5. The student is able to prepare and present a well-organized project.
  6. The student is able to communicate effectively in writing.
  7. The student understands ethical standards and their importance in professional behavior.
  8. The student is aware of increased globalization and the need to develop the intercultural competence needed to work effectively in a global and diverse business environment.

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