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Laura Froeschke

Laura L.O. Froeschke, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

B.A., Michigan State University
M.A., Ph.D., Western Michigan State University
Certificate of Clinical Competence, Speech-Language Pathology

Dr. Froeschke joined the Elmhurst University faculty in the fall of 2015. Her clinical practice experience spans over 25 years with specialization in neurogenic communication disorders and voice/swallowing disorders. She has taught graduate courses in fluency, voice, adult neurogenic language disorders, counseling, and intercultural service delivery, as well as undergraduate coursework in anatomy and physiology. Prior to joining the faculty at Elmhurst University, Dr. Froeschke served as a visiting faculty member at Northwestern University and guest lecturer at Western Michigan University. Dr. Froeschke completed her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences from Western Michigan University, during which time she served as editorial coordinator and reviewer for Topics in Language Disorders. Dr. Froeschke was awarded the Pre-doctoral Fellowship research grant by the American Heart Association for her research in Latino stroke symptom recognition. She has published research in Stroke, Journal of Voice, and Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She has presented research at conferences of the American Heart Association, American Speech Language Hearing Association, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, and American Laryngological Association. Dr. Froeschke’s early research focused on linguistic variables within stroke symptom recognition and response. Currently, her research is focused on the intersection of cognitive-linguistic variables and voice production, particularly in focal laryngeal dystonia. She currently oversees the voice program within the Koplin-Kobulnicky Voice and Swallowing Center. She has won research awards from the American Laryngological Association for her research which advanced the understanding of cognitive-linguistic demands in focal laryngeal dystonia. She continues to pursue research in areas of cognition and voice, as well as supporting graduate-level research in areas of adult neurogenics, emphasizing interdisciplinary research models in her mentoring process. In addition to her activities in research and teaching, Dr. Froeschke has held a strong commitment to patient advocacy, community involvement, and outreach to underserved populations. Dr. Froeschke enjoys bringing guest lectures and workshops for local area laryngectomee, spasmodic dysphonia, and aphasia support groups, often involving graduate student mentees as extensions of her teaching and service. As a part of this, she has led a local chapter of the Chicago Aphasia Network through locally held aphasia coffee chats. She serves on the Elmhurst University Institutional Review Board with special focus on informed consent and human protections of linguistically, culturally, and neurodiverse populations.

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