Joan Vilim

Joan Vilim

Joan Vilim

Associate Professor, Business Administration
Department of Business and Economics

Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance and Economics, University of Notre Dame
Master of Management in Finance and Policy, Northwestern University

Before coming to Elmhurst College, Joan Vilim served as a vice president in private placement lending with a subsidiary of Prudential Insurance and in corporate development and as a portfolio manager with Heller Financial. Her goal is to bring the world of finance into the classroom so students can see the relevance of their classwork.

At Elmhurst, Prof. Vilim coordinates the Financial Literacy Program and the Business Mentoring Program. She has served on the Investment Committee of Elmhurst College’s Board of Trustees and currently serves on the Business Committee of the Board. In addition, she is a member of the Academic Standings committee.

  • BUS 340 Business Finance
  • BUS 371 and 372 Personal Financial Management
  • BUS 444 Financial Institutions and Markets
  • BUS 456 Strategic Management in a Global Environment
  • BUS 470 Department of Business, Mentoring Program
  • MBA 545 Financial Statements Analysis
  • Area of interest for research: personal financial literacy
  • Earned Chartered Financial Analyst designation, 2004

My general goal as a teacher is to allow students to develop a framework to think critically and problem solve. I also seek to teach specific business tools (e.g., valuation models, forecasting methods, analysis of financial performance, financial ratios, etc.) to make decisions. There are three dimensions to my basic teaching philosophy:

1. Learn by doing
2. Make the subject apply to daily life
3. Instill an interest in learning about the subject

Having students work on realistic problems or cases weaves the action part of problem solving with the application of real-life situations, and the exercise becomes fun and interesting because they see it pertain to them or something they do.

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